A Page From Her Personal Diary: Pooja Gor

Only 21 years of age , Pooja Gor has taken the nation by  storm with her restrained performance in Mann Kee Awaaz  Pratigya.Her professional life is on a all time high with the constant  raising TRP of the show and the popularity she has achieved .While things couldn’t be better on work front,her personal life is going great guns too with her supposed engagement to boyfriend Raj Singh Arora.This month she shares with all her fans  how she balances professional life with personal life.
She makes sure that she gives ample of time to  her family and spends all her free time with them  so that she  can enjoy and unwind.She doesn’t believe in being termed as a workaholic.She works only till her day demands.She does  get overworked at times, but knows where to put a stop.Pooja being a fun person , totally believes in Me “ time.Whenever she gets time or break from her shoot , she does what she loves to do best, watch movies and  surf the internet.Pooja also believes in  completely keeping her professional and personal life separate.She does not take her work problems home as they at times  invade in her personal space.She only  tackles them the next day.She loves to be socially connected with friends and fans either through phones, BBM or Facebook. Pooja has a very sensible outlook when it comes to friends and work.She knows where to draw the line and does not  indulge in personal favours to friends that can be related to work, as this may affect once career and professional life.
Pooja is a very sensible  girl who inspite of being so young knows how to deal with fame and popularity.She hasn’t let fame and name  go to her head.She is a definitely a woman of substance.
Hope you all enjoyed reading this  article.Rangmunch promises to bring in more  such insides to various other actors from time to time.


  1. plz get ur facts right...d engagement thing was jus a rumour....plz stop bothring Pooja wid such unnnecessary things


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