I, Me, Myself! – Samir Sharma

Rangmunch brings to you a heart to heart talk with Samir Sharma who has won millions of hearts with his endearing performance as Dev in a popular television show, ‘Geet Hui Sabse Parayi’ on StarOne. It is about time we knew Samir, the person.

Rangmunch.TV: One thing you are grateful for in life.

Samir Sharma: Life itself! (Smiles)

Rangmunch.TV: One thing that is missing in your life at this moment?

Samir Sharma: What I miss most right now is travel. I love to drive on highways and travel and see the world. Unfortunately, in this profession one doesn’t get to do that. But, we do travel when the show requires. Added to that, I would love to do a travel food show. I am a big foodie and dream of doing something on that line.

Rangmunch.TV: Is first impression always the last impression for you?

Samir Sharma: No, I always give a second chance to people. In this industry where you get to be with people 12-14 hrs a day, judging them will only make you end up with enemies.

Rangmunch.TV: Are you politically correct?

Samir Sharma: I am not political, and that is correct. (Laughs)

Rangmunch.TV: Do you take risks?

Samir Sharma: Yes, I do. The biggest risk I took was entering this industry. I was working in an advertising firm, and leaving that and coming here was a risk. Fortunately, that risk paid off.

Rangmunch.TV: What is your biggest fear?

Samir Sharma: My biggest fear is to go through life and not make any sense in it.

Rangmunch.TV: What do you think you need to change about yourself?

Samir Sharma: I am very lazy and need to get off my a**(sorry for using that word) but I really need to exercise and become more active. Well, I may look thin but am not fit. I need to change that.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you thank people enough?

Samir Sharma: Unfortunately, No. One needs to thank people enough.

Rangmunch.TV: So if you need to thank someone now, who would that be?

Samir Sharma: Really? How big is your web site and how many pages can you afford to fill with my thank you’s (has a hearty laugh) Well, most people don’t thank their parents enough. One should thank them for all the sacrifices and contribution they have done. So for me it’s the parents.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you look a lot into the mirror?

Samir Sharma: NOT AT ALL! Infact I’m one of the guys who even runs away from the make-up guy unless it is really needed and that too if it comes from the director.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Samir Sharma: I don’t think I have seen enough life to either agree or refute that. I like to believe that things happen for a reason.

Rangmunch.TV: What are you proud of?

Samir Sharma: I am proud of the fact that I could defy the people who said that I shouldn’t join the industry. I came and made a place for myself and for that achievement, I am certainly proud.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you listen to your heart?

Samir Sharma: I try to most of the time. But, mind does come in the way and starts the confusion. One does not know whether it is the mind or the heart speaking.

Rangmunch.TV: Are you a Director’s Actor?

Samir Sharma: Depends. If I am sure of what I am doing then no, and if I am a bit confused about a certain shot then definitely I take Director’s cue.

Rangmunch.TV: Does too much negativity get to you and how do you cope with that?

Samir Sharma: Yes, negativity does get to me so to avoid I get away from the situation or if that does not work, I put on my head phone and listen to music.

Rangmunch.TV: What kind of music do you like to hear?

Samir Sharma: I listen to all kinds of music. Ranging from classical to western classical, bollywood, trance, and techno, I listen to all.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you read?

Samir Sharma: (Laughs) Ask my wife that. She has strictly told me to buy another house with bedrooms dedicated only to books.

Rangmunch.TV: What kind of books do you read?

Samir Sharma: Again all kinds, whichever piques my curiosity. My favourite genre is science fiction. Though I didn’t do much of science in school, I am currently enjoying reading on quantum physics - a book called “A short history of nearly everything”, wish someone had given me this book in school. This book has given me so much knowledge, it is amazing.

Rangmunch.TV: What is the one thing about Samir people don’t know?

Samir Sharma: If they don’t know, then it’s for a reason and I want to keep it that way. (Then brushing it off in a light manner he goes on to say) I am a big FOODIE and I love to cook.

Rangmunch.TV: If you have to describe Samir Sharma in one word or a sentence, what would that be?

Samir Sharma: Hmm…lets say 2 words…Acquired Taste.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this segment and knowing Samir a bit more than you already do. Isn't he fun to know? We certainly feel so. 

Special Thanks to Mr. Samir Sharma from the entire team of Rangmunch.TV, for taking time out from his busy schedule and doing this interview for us.

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma



  1. Great interview, I learned a lot about him! Seems like a wonderful guy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow samir u rock as dev
    superb intervieww

  3. nice interview. Samir is sweet.

  4. awesum interview
    rungmunch,we would love to see DRASHTI'S interview too!!!

  5. Thanks Rangmunch.tv, Thanks Niharika & Swati....u guys did an awesome job, & thanks to u SAMMY Sir as well..u r such a sweet, humble person....its great to know u & ur perception for life .....thanks a lot for sharing ur thought with us....Sammy Sir, u r a rock star man :)God bless :) keep smiling :)& keep rocking :) with Love,
    Kankana P. Maitra :)))
    Guys, we have made a Fan page for our adoring Samir Sir...i want u all to join us there at http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Love-U-Samir-Sharma-aka-Sammy-Sir/194708847262622
    Thank u :)

  6. Great interview... Great guy... and he's a talented actor... though i feel his talent is wasted in the role of dev... well i must say he's really brave to leave a well settled job and enter an industry which is full of uncertainty... kudos to him... :)

  7. Rangmunch, a great segment unplugging and baring the real person we would love to know.
    Thanks, we got to know Samir Sharma a wee bit more intimately.

    I love the fact that he is a foodie with a lean look and clear face. Difficult for foodies to maintain that. Unusually he wants to host a food show. Very interesting.

    I also love his attitude to life, deriving from how he handles negativity and attempting to discrimiate mind and heart which itself is a great step to understanding situations and the environment.

    I love that he reads book. Something I share with him.

    Great work.

  8. Great interview, I learned a lot about him! Seems like a wonderful guy. Thanks for sharing.wow samir u rock as dev.

  9. That was a super sexy interview -Nihu and even better Qs.


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