Humse Hai Life: U Wanna Fight!!!

Who says women are weaker sex? In today’s world…NO WAY!!!
Channel [V] has launched a new serial titled “Humse Hai Life” that revolves around a young girl trying to make a mark in the so–called man’s sport - BOXING .The central character is named Sia, played by Abigail Jain.

Abigail Jain, got her first break with Balaji Telefilms and she has attained a lot of success in the television industry. She played the lead role of Kakoon in Balaji Telefilms serial ‘Kya Dill Mein Hai’ telecast on 9X. She has also acted in shows like ‘Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna’ & ‘Sajan Ghar Jana Hai’ on Star Plus and ‘Dil Se Diya Vacchan’ on Zee TV.

Sia hails from a small locality in Delhi called Adarsh Colony. She dreams of becoming a successful boxer just like her father. All her passion is focused on excelling in boxing. She gets into Elite school after acquiring a scholarship. Coach Karanveer played by Ankur Nayyar not only trains her but also makes her believe in herself and aids her in reaching her goals. Presently, the story revolves around her struggles in getting herself accepted in her new environment. Raghav, the male protagonist of the show played by a newcomer Himansh Kohli, is one of the reasons for her troubles.

The concept of the show revolves  around the fact that how women have to toil harder to gain a certain footage in the hard driving world where men makes the rules. The channel identified with the concept and gave this show a prime slot of 7.30pm IST. Infact “Dil DostiI Dance is also from the same bracket and Production House and is the highest rated show on the 7pm slot.

Channel  [V] has now 2 shows back to back from 7-8 pm Monday to Friday. Lets welcome Sia, as she is ready to face the world all by herself in “ HUMSE HAI LIFE “ on Channel [v] weeknights at 7.30 pm.

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  1. i love this show alot . raghav is really cool in this show this show is the best of channel [v] :)
    all best 4 thsi show 2 run for more about 1000 episodes. :)


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