Fistful of Fascinating Facts!!!!

Maryada…Lekin Kab Tak as a show is not only intriguing because of its bold subject but also because of its soulful music.

Every time I heard the background song “Saajan ji maahra saajan ji” I would go into a trance. The lyrics of the song are so deep and apt that one could easily understand the essence of Vidya and Gaurav’s relationship without having to hear any dialogues. Another beautiful song “Nainaa banjaare” was also introduced during the Brahmanand- Uttara track to create the right kind of impact.  

Can anyone take a guess as to who may have penned down the lyrics of these beautiful songs? Well let us spill the beans for you.

It’s none other than our very own Gaurav aka Daksh Ajit Singh!!!   

We have all witnessed Daksh play the gay character of Gaurav with utmost conviction. The maturity and sensitivity with which he has enacted the character till date, speaks very highly of him as an actor. However, besides being a good actor, he is also a powerhouse of talent. During the course of our conversation with him, we learnt that he is blessed with the art of writing. We were pleasantly surprised when he revealed that the above two tracks of Maryada were the outcome of his creative mind.

We are sure many of you will be surprised at this news but it’s a fact. So all those who have still not heard the creative brilliance of this extremely humble and down to earth man, please make it a point to listen to “Saajan ji maahra saajan ji” and “Nainaa banjaare” to realize what we are talking about.

Hope you all enjoy reading this interesting fact about Daksh as much as we did sharing it on Rangmunch.TV.

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Compiled by:
Swati Ghosh



  1. Daksh is indeed very talented ! He has proven he is a great actor as well in Maryada :)


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