Rangmunch brings you the current update from Dia Aur Baati Hum team.It is said , that popularity comes with a price, but when that price is love and affection , one surely doesnt mind .

The lead of STAR Plus’ new show Dia Aur Baati Hum was recently mobbed by a passerby at a signal. The incident happened when Anas Rashid aka Sooraj was going from one shoot location to another along with his on-screen mother Bhabhoe aka Neelu.

The two were in their character costumes and were waiting for the signal when suddenly a woman came up to Neelu and started yelling that Neelu should listen to her son and not shout so much at him. Neelu and Anas were taken aback and later realized that she was talking about the role that she plays in their brand new show. The situation became worse when other passersby also stopped to see why the woman was yelling.

In spite of this Anas and Neelu were very happy that they have been able to create a mark in people’s memory. In fact Anas also said, ‘I am very happy that it has been only three weeks and people actually remember us and our work has been able to create a mark in everybody’s mind. This is something that an actor wants from his work -Recognition. 

Catch Anas and Neelu’s unique mother-son relationship on STAR plus’ brand new show Dia aur Baati Hum from Monday to Friday at 9pm!



  1. This is probably the worst insult to woman in this show. Sandhya who is an educated woman and has the ability to stand on her to feet is taking all the insults from her husband' s family and seems to had absolutely no self respect...As for the Suraj who is lauded as the ideal husband seems to be a scared nitwit who has never risen his voice against the injustice done to his wife...All he seems to do is ask is wife to bear the nonsense done to her with patience...Quite a spineless character I would say...Today's episode April 11th 2012, took the cake where he shows his illiteracy and lack of culture by yelling at his wife in public instead of nursing his wounds in private which a cultured human being would do...So he conveniently forgets what his wife had to go through in the hands of all the illiterate oder woman...The only person in the serial with any self respect or brains seems to be Sandhya's friend who can't understand the garbage that is going on...Its amazing that the current day woman is watching this show and applauding it and its getting high TRPs...


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