Circumstances force Brahma to make choices: Vishwajeet Pradhan

Brahamanand Jhaakar magnifies the screen with his persona, his dialect, his attitude and most importantly his confidence in executing what he perceives right. With his powerful portrayal as a man who does what comes to his mind, and lays down his own rules and principles, this is one man we all hate to love. Rangmunch.TV brings to you  an exclusive with Vishawajeet Pradhan aka Brahmanand Jhaakar of Maryada fame. As we spoke to Mr. Pradhan, we realized how different he is as an individual from the character he portrays. Humor is his second skin and knowledge and experience are his strength. Sometimes when you know what you are doing, especially being an actor, adds more essence to the role you play. Mr. Pradhan shares with us his insights on what makes Brahmanand click and his equation with the ladies of the Jhakaar household.

What makes Brahmanand the man he is and what justification does he have to give for his actions?

Brahmanand is a man like any other who believes in his point of view. If he sees that a situation is right from his perspective, he will go ahead with it even if rest of the world feels it to be wrong. Be it Hitler, Chandrashekhar Azaad or even Saddam Hussain, whatever they did was right according to them and they became heroes for their people while they were criticised by the opposition. Basically it boils down to one's point of view and his or her belief in the same. Brahmanand is just that man who believes that his thinking and actions are right .

We have seen Brahmanand as a corrupt man who uses his power to justify his misdeeds. How do you relate to him as a character? 

Every man has a good and bad side to him. No one is perfect ."Log majboori mein imandaar bantey hai".(People become honest out of compulsion).Brahmanand has gone through life seeing various situations and reacting to them. Sometimes he has used his power to tackle a situation and then in the next he has also been honest about it. Yes, power is addictive and makes us do things we normally wont. Everyone has a Ram and Ravan in them. Somewhere Ram becomes powerful and somewhere Ravan. When people say, be practical, it means compromise with the truth. That is what I think Brahmanand is doing.

What place does Devyani hold in his life? Does he love her ?

Its like this , when two people who have been staying together as long as Brahmanand and Devyani  have, love which was initially there turns into habit ."Main Devyani ke liye ek aadat  hoon, waise he woh mere liye".We are not in love as shown in the today's perception of romance but merely a habit to each other. Now that Devyani is suddenly opposing everything that Brahmanand is doing, it is disturbing him a lot. He has always seen her as a caretaker and a homemaker who looks after everyone, but now she is finding her own place and fighting for her family. This is making Brahmanand uneasy. Devyani herself is feeling uncomfortable doing what she is doing. Its basically an association of a lifetime. He may look at other women since variety is the spice of life, but its Devyani he comes back to.

How different is it working in daily soap as compared to movies ? Have you ever felt that your creativity is being challenged due to the hectic and taxing work schedule on TV?

Well both lines have their plus and minus points.Big screen has more budgets , better equipments and more facilities but at the same time daily soaps have detailed character graphs which you dont get in Bollywood.The journey in films starts from point A and finishes at point B, where as in the soaps the journey from A to B has lots of twist and turns and every turn gives more variety to work on.I have never had to live a character for such a lengthy time period but am enjoying it .It can be taxing but you get to learn alot.In a film I would never get to play Brahmanand Jhakaar in so many shades.

Brahmanand, apart from being corrupt is also a womanizer. Having justified his penchant for corruption, how will you explain this weakness for women, especially Uttara at this point? 

Its an inherent nature of man to want what you dont have.Brahmanand  is married but that doesnt stop him from being attracted to other women.Its probably the growing years that have made him the way he is.Uttara is young, vibrant and beautiful and somehow Devyani lacks in this department.So naturally he gets pulled towards her.It is not lust entirely .Its about attachment and knowing Uttara for a period of time now. Knowing Brahmanand, he never lets go of an oppurtunity ( says  laughingly )

How has it been working with Indrani Haldar who is a popular award winning actress from Bengal?

Its a pleasure working with such a great performer. She is a thorough professional and is very dedicated to her art. Actually I'm sorrounded with wonderful actors, be it Raqesh, Kamya or Indrani herself. So the journey has been enriching.

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited By:
Navyanka Varma


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