Where does their Independence lie?

As India celebrates its 64th Independence Day here are some questions to our audience. We have picked up instances from Television Shows that you watch and love. We look at shows across channels, and tracks running everywhere, that help us prod further into what our perception of freedom is all about. 64 Years down the line, we are only read of the stories of our forefathers and read of the struggles in our text books and movies. However, independence is a very broad term and so we at Rangmunch.TV decided to look at some of the most loved women on TV and what their situation were to be had they been independent of their circumstances.

Yeh Rishta Kya Keh Laata Hai- Star Plus

We have all seen and loved Akshara as the dutiful bahu, beti and wife. She is forever trying to fit into the family making everyone happy. The show believes in magnifying every minute situation in life and presenting it to us in a glorified manner. Be it, the Var Mala not landing in time to Akshara's Saas wanting a baby from Akshara and putting the entire burden on her. 
The story, itself began with how Akshara was going to college and her future in-laws had a problem with it. Of course we have come a long way since then, but the story has always been Akshara and her family's expectations and dependence on her. Talking of today's times when every woman is expected to be independent and career oriented would we as audience want to see Akshara as an independent entity?

Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi- StarOne

Everyone we know loves and swears by Maan and Geet's love. She is the angel who turned khadoos Maan Singh Khurana into the sweet husband. Today however Maan has lost his memory. However, while he was still fine, Maan had transferred 51% shares of his Company Khurana Constructions into his wife's name. Post memory loss Maan has failed to even acknowledge Geet or her presence in his life. 
There is one school of thought that says Geet  is totally dependent on Maan for everything, and shows total lack of ambition while their love story first began in the office.
There is also another bunch that doesnt care what the story is as long as Maan and Geet are together.
Our question at Rangmunch.TV to you is do you think education, financial independance and a little distance from Maan would make the show and its story any less desirable by the audience while she keeps the love for her Maan intact ?

Bade Acchey Lagte Hai- Sony TV

Priya is now Mrs. Ram Kapoor and how it all happened is an interesting story in itself. A woman of today, with her head held on her shoulders, Priya was the backbone of her family. Whether it was pampering her younger sister, or fulfilling her mothers needs to taking care of her father and his unsaid feelings Priya was the perfect balance.Apart from being all this she is also a TOEFL instructor, who made a decent living for herself. This is mostly for survival. Now with things changing for her financially and personally, and Priya having no need to work as such if she chooses to, do you think, she should put her work life aside and dedicate time to her family? Just because she need not work, does that necessarily mean she should not work?

Dharmapatni- Imagine TV

Imagine's latest offing Dharmapatni is said to the story of a the virtues of a wife and how she supports her husband and her family. For those that have not read about this before here is an insight as to what those qualities are for a woman to be called a pati vrata.

the shloka reads:

Karyeshu dasi; Karaneshu mantri;
Rupecha lakshmi; kshamaya dharitri;
Bhojyeshu mata; sayaneshu vesya;
Shat dharmayukta kuladharma patni.

Kaam kare daasi ki tarah - works like a daasi, and keeps her house clean and free from any impurity.

Karm kare mantri ki tarah - kushal, chalak, witty, advises her husband in life, finances and other fields.

Rupecha Lakshmi - Beautiful and divine as Lakshmi

Kshamaya Dharitri - ever forgiving like the earth such that she that she will embrace you despite you stamping on her and burdening her with your weight and pressures. 

Bhojyeshu Maata -  warm and compassionate like a mother when it comes to making food and serving it.

Shayaneshu Rambha - like rambha the apsara (known for her sex) - the best in bed!!!

A woman who fulfills all these qualities is who is supposed to be known as a Dharmapatini. The story is supposed to be loosely based on Mahatma Gandhi and his life. In the light of these six qualities, how many of these qualities do women today relate to and how many of these do not go down well with the sensibilities of women folk today? 

We will look forward to getting answers from you.
Happy Independance Day! Jai Hind !

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Geet shud use her shares ,become actively involved in KC matters n win backher love and attitude wid a BANG !!!

  2. ridiculous article- most loved women on tv- well, i understand u chose akshara and priya- those r very popular shows! but geet and kastur- honestly, dharmapatni hasn't even started and u r categorizing her among much loved women on tv! and geet- why don't u name the article as women on tv who r much loved by online viewers! everyone we know loves and swears by maan and geet's love- r u guys really serious? i mean, this is like the biggest joke! honestly, no one i know loves or swears by maan and geet's love. its extremely clear from this article that u haven't bothered to do any actual research or survey, just conveyed the viewpoints of the online viewers of geet! shocking! and u bring out this article on pre independence day! On independence day, this is ur idea of an article? seriously, is our country coming to this? u think people want to learn the meaning of independence by analyzing obscure tv characters? i am shocked and also ashamed! its clear u want to cater to only a group of people, if u had targeted the youth in general, u would hv cm up with smthing better! because majority of the youth are really not interested in geet or kastur or akshara or priya! if u wanna target the serial watching audience- they will know akshara and priya, and kastur also probably from the numerous trailors- but very few of them actually know geet! so, u just bring out articles for online viewers basically!

  3. Thanks for your comments! With due respect to comment, since this is an online media portal, we are definitely looking at targeting at the online viewers for sure.
    Since there are many other media that cater to the non-online community, we thought we would do our bit for the non-TRP generating audience who still want to talk about shows they like.
    However we have taken your constructive feedback and shall definitely try and work towards the same.

  4. Interesting article because it brings up questions v relevant to women-working,married,unmarried and just many women-who are in the relatively lucky minority that has the right to exercise its freedom to some extent.
    The shlokas for dharam patni are frankly terrifying and clearly set such a standard that no female would even want to reach just to please a man-not unless he reaches some of her standards too.

    I feel independence n freedom is more required now-a freedom of thought and freedom from internalized ideological structures -sad but i rarely see that happening-even with education.
    About geet-who did create a niche for herself in the show by living her life in her own way has become subservient in love-a woman who wanted a relationship of equal respect is okay to be treated like that-not free

    Bade achhe lagte hain-good question.if im married and i dont have to work and make a conscious choice not to work.then it shouldn't be frowned upon.its my choice n ought to be respected.
    If geet makes a conscious choice not to work-she doesn't need to work in order to prove she's progressive
    Interesting issues and well-written :-)
    Thanks for sharing

  5. @ Anonymous - Firstly, why the demarcation between online viewers and the rest? Online viewers as you call them have the same feelings as rest of them do. Net is just another medium for viewing shows. And you may think otherwise but their opinions matter too.

    Secondly, how do you know how many people know geet? That’s presumptuous of you to generalize. You don’t like the show, so be it. For that matter I cant stand watching either the dutiful sugar sweet Akshara or for that matter priya, whoever she is but I cannot ignore the fact that they are popular among some sections of the TV audience. Just because they are trp generating machines need not by default, mean they are fabulous shows. We all know how trps work.

    But for you to be shocked and ashamed at this article is stretching it a little too far according to me. Please do state your views without belittling anyone. Your caustic remarks were uncalled for.

    And believe it or faint, there is a LARGE section of people from both the online and ‘offline’ audience who do swear by Maaneet’s love. You cannot disregard it just because you don’t approve it.

    Peace be with you!

  6. @neeru, geet is popular among online viewers and only a minor section of youth in the real world- people who swear by the love of fictional characters must belong to the minority. akshara and priya are popular among sm sections of the audience- really? these r among the top 10 tv shows, they r popular among most sections of the audience barring the youth. and whether u admit it or not, majority of the youth r really not interested in tv serials. only sm of them r, and i hv never disagreed that geet is popular among them. i can tell u that none of my friends watch geet! and yes, there is a difference between online viewers and viewers who r not on the net- first-the age group- majority of the serial watching audience- housewives and middle aged people are really not interested in discussing the shows on net, they r happy to view them and discuss them with their families and friends.
    so obviously the online viewers constitute the lesser percentage here and articles reflecting only their viewpoints will never give the real picture.and as far as liking akshara is concerned, i never said i liked her. i said most people liked her. higher trps don't mean better shows- i agree with u absolutely! similarly, higher online viewership also does not mean a good show!that is also the truth! and i hv not belittled anyone-just stated the plain truth! and yes, if on the independence day of my country, i cm across articles such as these, caustic remarks are natural!


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