VM's Paradise: Welcome Hasini and Deva!

Sometimes a song speaks volumes and tells a story you''ve never seen before. We here in the world of TV fans are so abundantly endowed with creators of Video- Mixes that they give us goose bumps each time we watch their idea take final shape.

Those  of you that already know Hasini and Deva, need no introduction. But for those that already dont,  i think the videos attached below will do sufficient honors.

Both of them have promised to do video-mixes for us here, so watch them right here as they get them ready first hand!! On Rangmunch.TV!

                                                                  By Hasini

                                                                   By Deva

This is just the start ! There is more to come and all those lovely VM makers that wish to share your collections with us please feel free to do so! There is so much we could do with your creativity than just liking, and watching !!!



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