Uttran: Selfish vs. Selfless

Love always does not bring out the best in people; it also brings out the worst. If Iccha is an epitome of selflessness, Tapasya represents sheer selfishness.

Tapasya has always been a very self centered woman & even motherhood could not change that about her. Tapasya did not think twice before leaving her baby in an orphanage as a temporary arrangement. In order to clear her doubts with regards to Rathore’s intentions & to ensure her well-being for life, she put her child’s life at stake,. The thought of her child’s safety & well-being was not of utmost priority for her then.

On the other hand when Iccha saw an abandoned baby crying in that stormy night, she did not think twice before trying to save that child. Nothing mattered to her at that moment other than the child’s well being. Even though Ammo, her mother, was not in favour of her keeping the child, but she convinced her for the same. Least does Iccha know that the little Angel she is taking care of is none other than Tapasya’s daughter.
However, even if Iccha had known the child’s real identity, she would have still taken care of her.

Will Rathore eventually get to see his daughter? Will Tapasya ever get to know that it was Iccha who saved her baby that night? Will Tapasya regret having destroyed Veer & Iccha’s married life?

Swati Ghosh


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