Singing away into your heart- Part 2

We move to the phase two of our article where we talk about shows, music and songs. The StarOne bandwagon of shows started off with the trend of blending exclusive songs for the lead couples of  shows. The songs of these shows also are as successful as movie numbers. Whether it is Asmani Rang ho from Dill Mill Gaye or Mhari Odhani from Rang Badalti Odhani, each number has been as foot tapping or as mesmerizing.

Lets a look at each of these numbers.

Arman realises his love for Riddhima in Dil Mill Gaaye, and the world around him suddenly turns all dreamy and beautiful, thats how Asmani rang ho was born. From thereon whenever he watched his lady love walk into his life, spread cheer or even when he just watched her as she fell asleep, fans were always treated to Asmani which became Armaan and Riddhima's signature tune.

Every love story however has its thorns along side, roses and the show also catered to this, with a specially composed ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan that not just talked about the pain in love, but also the intensity of their relationship.

Hoping you have recovered, we take you to another show, Remix, that was a High School drama that was hugely popular for its teen romance. Tia, Ranveer, Aashi and Yuvi set up a band by the name remix and perform on stage, while they also happen to fall in love by the side. The soft romantic number between Ranveer and Tia as they begin to fall in love takes you into another world altogether.

Miley Jab Hum Tum's Gunjan and her love for Samrat could make anyone want to believe in innocent and pure love. No one would think college stud Samrat would choose plain jane Gunjan, and fall in love with her, well, not even Gunjan. But that doesnt stop her from falling in love with her best friend and this is how she expresses her first pangs of love and attraction.

Early last year, when StarPlus launched Tere Liye the first thing that caught everyone's attention was the memerising title track sung in Kailash Kher's deep voice. Sau Sitam utha kar bhi jo ek khushi miley, sau jannate jawakar bhi jo ek hasi miley, woh maang loon tere liye, tere liye tere liye say the lyrics and you want to fall in love too. Its no wonder you love Anurag, Tani and their love.

Arjun and Arohi fall next in our list as the young star crossed lovers with hurdles and mishaps coming their way all along, though they embraced it with a smile since they knew their love would conquer it all. When he hear the song, you know you have heard the tune before, yes it reminds you of Kavyanjali! But this song is so soulful in itself you forget the predecessor and go on to love Karan and Kritika who became a rage as Arjun and Arohi.

If you have Shankar Ehsaan Loy to compose tunes for you, you know you have a hit already. As the promos of Mhari Odhani hit the TV screens, I would often keep the TV on hoping i could hear the song it time it played. And then i finally got hold of the entire number one day and heard it for days after that. Since i was so hooked to the song, falling in love with Shaan and Khanak was as easy.

Have you ever seen or heard of a couple that evoke a million u explainable emotions in you with just one word? We have talked of so many songs up here, and how each song, and each tune goes on to define each character. Amidst all these Maan and Geet manage to tell it all, and explain their story and let their eyes speak through the soulful rendition of  Maahi...

Star Pluses latest offing Is Pyar ko kya naam doon has pain oozing out of its title track what with the lyrics mentioning two people Arnav and Khushi who are miles apart yet connected, in a way no one knows. Another story of how opposites attract and how they come together, though they haven't yet on the show leaves us only yearning for more. Listening to the song, you only wait for that time when you could say "mil paaye kabhi dono, kya teri isme hai raza"

I hope you enjoyed this journey with us on the occasion of the launch of our website. Thanks for all the love and support and making these interactions between the fan world and the TV world enthralling.

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Thanks for athis article.Oh...Mising My samrat and gunjan so much.I m happy you people include that beautiful song in this list.Mjht really a mmagical journey for the youth that time and now also.Love Mohit and sanaya and all the team of mjht.It gives us beautiful two and half years and no one can compete it.Thanks again."kya hua hain such a beautiful song" so much melody in it.

  2. Pls

    dont forget to add

    Bawre naina from Choti Bahu

    Also track of Baat hamari pakki hai!

    so pls..bring more!!


  3. "Kya hua yeh" from Miley jab hum tum is a wonderful song... Both 'love' version n 'sad' version of the song touches my heart... And Samrat-Gunjan makes us feel the real magic of the song.. Song wouldn't have been so blissful without Samrat n Gunjan... Samrat-Gunjan will always be my most favorite, eternal couple...
    MJHT and Samrat-Gunjan Rocks!!!!

  4. the best once r 2 for me
    DMG Ishq leta hai
    and IPKKND rabba mere kya hai teri marzi which isnt totally out
    so looking forward to hear that full

  5. MJHT's kya hua ye is really wonderul song..:) n loved "tu hi batha" of IPKKND..totally suits Arnav n Khushi.. u could have mentioned Rabba Ve of IPKKND.. even that is nicee..:)

  6. The best one is Kitani Mohabbat Hai title song!!!

  7. Mahiiiiiiiii....d words to describe..MANEET......THEIR Eyes speaks volumes..

  8. Though all are good in their own special way... MAHI definintely is the best :)

  9. TERE LIYE title track touches our soul the best ever track

  10. loved tere liye song n ofcurse Anurag Taani miss them :(

  11. I like all the songs n couples u mentioned above but tere liye and taanu are most frav

  12. Thanks loads for the tracks!!

    HAven't heard RBO track ..but yes, ishq leta hai was beautiful!
    and so was tere liye, asmaani, kya hua re, naa jaane kaise and mahi

    my current fave is tu hi bata from IPK- so so deep!!
    LOVE it!
    thanks a lot for this lovely article!

  13. all da songs are damn gud but da best 4 me iz tu hi bataa mere maula,,kya hua yeh n kitni mohabbat hai..

  14. currently iss pyar ko song " tu hi bata mere rabba " is very gud in terms of lyrics n music ...i m so waiting fr " rabba mere kya hai teri marzi" i hope dey come up wid dt soon....evn d BG score "rabba ve" is beautiful wid sum 2-3 versions to it...

    out of d off air show : tere liye n kitni mohabbat hai n dil mill gaye asmani rang ho were very good...


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