Singing away into your heart- Part 1

Show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are. The TV land however has a slightly different touch to this saying, namely ... Tell me the song and I will remember the show and its couple forever.

Rangmunch.TV takes a look at some of the best songs and tunes composed over the years on Television shows. Unlike movies that have a start to finish time of two to three hours, shows go on for years together and it is therefore the various tunes and the songs that are associated with them that go onto to stay on the minds of the audience.

Chandrakanta- was the love story of Princess Chandrakanta who hailed from Vijaygarh, who was in love with the prince of Naugarh, that was a rival kingdom. The title track is so beautifully rendered, it also gives out the story in the song in itself.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay: it was for very first time on Indian Television, that a red dupatta came and fell on a young boy and girl covering their faces, with them up up close that it left the rest to our imagination. However, before that the song talks about love, its trials and tribulations and the story is told through these two young good looking people that the audience soon fell in love with as Anurag and Prerna. Falling dupattas became a rage on TV it still is. It binds two hearts instantly and is sure to take you into its fold too.

Kavyanjali: Balaji Telefilms always has a beautiful way of packaging their shows and telling their story through their title track itself. Hence when the title track of Kavyanjali was unveiled, it was no wonder that people not only instantly connected with the tune, they also new this was a love story with an element of mystery and pain. This having said, the story went on to deliver of the most loved jodis on screen to date Kavya and Anjali played by Ejaaz Khan and Anita Hasnandani.

Kumkum- ek pyaara sa bandhan - StarPlus at one time had some of the most well told dramas in its afternoon slot. KumKum was no exception. Telling the story of how a young girl, who is the bahu of the house and is doted by all, tragedy falls upon her when her kumkum ki dibbi falls of and her devar holds it for her. This was symbolic enough for all to know their destines were intertwined with one another. Sumit and Kumkum went onto become one of the most loving jodis on screen, with Sumit winning the Best Pati award almost every year for his love, loyalty and faith in his bhabhhi turned wife Kumkum whom he marries after his brothers Jatin's death.

Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai- enter rich arrogant boy who in a non-believer in love and treats it like a commodity from side one, side two has a girl totally opposite simple, sweet, down earth. Naturally the story talks of how their paths cross and how they fall in love, and the romantic tale of how opposites attract is beautifully told in through their title track andekhi anjaani...

Kayamath- is the story of two people that fall in love after they are childhood friends. However destiny has other plans, though the song is set is a beautiful and a dreamy milieu, the lyrics leave you with a stinging feeling that the leads may never come together. True to this, the story went onto become more popular for not Neev and Prachi the leads that were introduced but Milind and Prachi played by Shabbir Ahluwalia and Panchi Bora who came to be known for their intense love story.

Hope you enjoyed watching and reading this article. Part-2 of the article on couples tunes, their theme songs,   how they have made a way into our hearts in the recent times coming up by the end of the day. Right here on Rangmunch.TV. For now we hope you enjoy this little trip down the memory lane.

Compiled by,

Niharika Vidya Sagar


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