Sasural Simar Ka : Messing with Destiny

Well the show now should be called " Sasural Roli Ka "... What a shocker the precap is ? No words can describe the way  the story has moved forward. One would think that Simar would come in time and save the day and all would be hunky-dory. But all hell breaks loose  as we see Prem actually filling a school girl's maang with sindoor.Will this be another of Roli's nightmare or will she , a teenager get married to her jija...
The promos have started to air with Prem getting married to Roli as Simar and her bhuaji looks on as Simar's life is coming to a grinding halt.The track has completely shocked the viewers and have certainly put all of us on a edge. So we now  just have 24 hours to know what is Simar's destiny.....

Navyanka Varma


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