Ram Kapoor: BEING SEXY AT 40 !!

Ram kapoor has probably never looked better , hotter and desirable as he looks now, in his Tv show  " Bade Ache Lagtey Hai "...The show  which started on lukewarm start has picked up popularity immensely.It has become a must watch for coach potatoes.Ekta kapoor is over the moon with such a response.After the show went on air , fat and sexy at 40 has become a hit.Men are humming as they turn  40 and even over weight is no longer looked down upon..The show has put 40 year old men on a different platform.Ram kapoor is essaying the role of Ram kapoor beautifully that men and women ,both  are drooling over him.Way to go Ram !!

Ram kapoor and Saakshi Tanwar are all set to tie the knot in this week, along with Ram's sister, Natasha and Priya's brother Kartik.It will a double treat for the fans as the wedding preparations get rolling and more heart warming scenes come our way.So keep watching BALH as loads of goodies and fun elements are yet to be shown..



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