Mohit Sehgal: In Conversation with Rangmunch On Friendship Day!

                                                 Part 1 of the conversation.

                                                        part 2 of the conversation. as promised presents to you Mohit's audio interview in two parts. Do listen to it and tell us what you thought about it.

For all those who have not heard it still, here's a written update of the same. Enjoy!!!!

Happy Friendship's Day from our side!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Navyanka Varma

Mohit's Interview with Rangmunch.TV.... How have you been Mohit, and what have you been doing currently?

Mohit: Hi...well, have been enjoying myself very much, lot of time to myself...went to Delhi, meeting lot of people and looking forward to some interesting concept so that I am back on the screen. After setting such high standards for "Samrat” what are you looking for in particular?

Mohit: Well, sometimes I don’t fit the role or sometimes there is a budget constraint but hoping for something soon to materialize. So you must be getting a lot of messages from your fans as they are waiting eagerly to see you back?

Mohit: Of course! Absolutely... can’t wait to come on air ... Alright... Since FRIENDSHIP DAY is coming, let’s start with some fun questions....Who are your best friends or your close friend circle?

Mohit: Well I have a very close friend in Delhi. We went to school together. We are very close. His name is Hitesh. Friends are not very easy to make, and I don't make them very easily as I am on a quieter side. But those I make friends with, I make sure they are the closest to me in every way. He is in Delhi and I miss him a lot. Do you believe in the concept of Friendship day?

Mohit: I don't believe there is a particular day to celebrate Friendship day. Any day one could celebrate it. You don't need a day, any day could be Friendship day, just need a day to make it more special.  Which is that one movie you can watch again & again with your friends?

Mohit : Maybe earlier the movies were different so one could watch them repeatedly but now different concepts movie are coming so its difficult to name one...but if i had to i would say "Dil Chahata Hai " Watch ZNMD....

Mohit: Yes, that was a good film, but I expected a little more from it...maybe more fun elements. I also like Hangover 1 and 2... You also did a Hangover type episode in MJHT...

Mohit : Ya, we all were drunk ... and it was a nice episode... I also did something like that in real life too. When we were in 10th standard, all friends went to Missouri and got drunk and then got suspended it was fun but embarrassing too. Its good to look back on such days. What’s that one habit of yours that really irritates your friends?

Mohit: I take a lot of time in getting ready and my friends get really annoyed as they have keep waiting for me ... So now they come fursat se... Coz you will take that much time ... (smilingly)

Mohit: Yes, now they are used to it... but I am trying to change that habit of mine. What is that one thing you can never eat but offer to your friend?

Mohit: I don’t eat Non vegetarian food but can offer it to my friends. What is that one food you would not share with your closest friends?

Mohit: I always ask my friends...even if it’s not enough for me but I make sure they are offered first. Even with Sanaya, we at times fight coz we end up offering one another all the time. So do u end up eating or not?

Mohit: (laughingly) we divide that part of our food too in half so we both get it.
Has your friend ever caught you picking your nose?

Mohit: No...No... (Laughingly) If you had to rate your friends in honesty, trust, compatibility would you rate them?

Mohit: They are nice and honest ... but to me they are special. I would rate them 9. Do you think its ok to take your friends for granted?

Mohit: No... You should not take anyone for granted.... but if they are very close to you, one does take that person for granted... kabhi kabhi chalta hai... but I don't think one should take friends for granted. What is one annoying habit of your friend you would want to change ?

Mohit: I have one best friend and nothing is annoying about him. He is very sweet. Who makes a better best friend... a girl or a boy?

Mohit: A guy... I am a very introvert I had no girls as friends...slowly I opened up when I came to Bombay ... Actually it took me 2-3 months to talk properly to Sanaya even. Which one holds true in your case " Pyaar dosti hai " ya  "Dosti  pyaar hai?"

Mohit: I think Dosti Pyaar hai... we became friends first and then fell in love.
Mohit, if you had to break a news ...good or bad, who would you call first?

Mohit: I think its Sanaya and my best friend... Now that Sanaya is shooting, you must be getting less time to spend with her now.How do you manage that?

Mohit: We are to hit the malls as the Sale season is on. What is one thing you never get tired shopping off?

Mohit: Hmmmmm... I love shopping... but I love to buy watches, and colognes...Sanaya tries to stop me and when she is not around, I pick it up (laughingly). Why do you think its called Friendship and not Friend-plane or Friend-train?

Mohit: I think everyone has seen Titanic so much that they have started calling it Friendship and not train or plane... eternal love and all...even when couples have to strike a pose, they do it the Titanic way. How far would you go for a friend?

Mohit: Anywhere... “A friend in need is a friend in deed"

Mohit: It’s true. Your friends help you at the time of need, so you do the same...that’s what friends are for. One message you would like to give to Sanaya on Friendship day?

Mohit: If People want to learn how to be in friendship, one should learn from Sanaya. One message for your fans ...

Mohit:  I am gonna be back real soon on the screen ... just having to wait a little more ...

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma


  1. awww my baby.. love u....

    Happy Friendshipday Mohit........


  2. Thanks a ton for the interview...

    Wonderful interview... Mohit is so down to earth n a genuine guy.. He shares n offers others before himself having some thing, how cute that it.. m really proud to be mohit's fan..Thats so sweet of him to share his childhood memories with us.. loved to hear his views on friends n friendship.. awwww i agree to the part that friendship is love.. also loved his mention that one should learn from sanaya how to be a friend..
    n thanks mohit for leaving a msg for made our friendship day even more special..
    We all really miss you and want to see u back onscreen soon..
    Love you mohit,

  3. First of all thanks a tone for this wonderful treat on friendship day with awesome mohit's int <3

    it was so wonderful int ,proud to be his fan he is most down to earth and always shares his memories with his fans ,loved the way he shared his thoughts of friends and friendship ,owww best part was when he said ppl should learn from sanaya how to be in frinedship and how to make friends, seriously missing him badly hope we will get his wonderful come back soon

    thanks a tone for making our day , hoping to get more ints of mohit and monaya here

    thanks and happy friendship day :)


  4. Thanks Aashi!! Glad you liked the little effort we made .. spread the word around and let more people listen to it, and feedback obviously is most welcome...

    we only hope and aim to get better .. and that wont be possible without your support!!

  5. Awww thanks alot for the interview..! <3 Loved reading it.. :) We are waiting impatiently for Mohit's comeback.. And it was really nice to hear about his views about friends and friendship.. <3 He is a gem of a person..! :)

  6. hey thanks so much for the interview wanna see him back on screen soon too

  7. Thanks a ton for this interview.Mohit is such a sweet heart.

  8. thanx a lot 4 dis amazing interview:-)

  9. thanks a lot for dis interview, mohit is seriously a gem of a person, loved his answers, he's very genuine.... :)


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