Maryada Lekin Kab Tak : Letting Go..

So finally Brahmanand  is getting what he always longed for ...." Uttara " his saali.. The show is on  major high point where Brahma is turning the tables to get Uttara mind boggled.Brahma has been playing mind games with Uttara and silently seducing her with words , subtle innuendoes and light hearted banter.Uttara took all this in a stride as a " jija-saali mazaak "... but now things seems a lilttle different.Brahma knows  very well how his presence is affecting  Uttara and with his wife Devyani gone , the cat is on  the prowl.Uttara too has started to feel something happening as Brahma is constantly hovering around her.Her feelings are now slightly going out of hand as she is now trapped in Brahma's thoughts.
What happens when a situation like Brahma and Uttara come in front of you.? Do you think Uttara is to blame as she has started to respond to her feelings regarding her "jija"...Brahma obviously is playing just to get a challenge fulfilled...Will Devyani or Priya come to Uttara's rescue and snap her out of this trance ?Lets  wait and watch the exciting coming week on " Maryada: lekin kab tak"

Navyanka Varma 


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