Maaneet's "Silence" speaks louder than words!!!

The last five minutes of today’s episode left me spell bound. I felt a whole lot of emotions that is very hard to express in words but I will still try to pen down my thoughts & share it with everyone. Even though we are to believe that Maan has forgotten his Geet due to memory loss, but what I saw today made me think otherwise.

“Some thoughts are better left unsaid, some feelings are better kept to yourself, but love has its way of expressing itself despite the silence.” ~Anon

As Maan stood by the door watching Geet, his EYES spoke volumes. That look was not of Maan Singh Khurana. Nah! Not at all. That look was only & only of Maan….Geet’s Maan. Those dreamy eyes revealed his Love, Passion & Longing… all for his “Mishti.” Maan like always was mesmerized & there was a sense of pride as he minutely observed Geet. He so wanted to love her with all he had & embrace her tightly & never let go off her. He wanted to proclaim to the world that…. “She’s his LOVE, his LIFE, his Geet… MAAN ki GEET.”  

Today’s scene reminded me of an earlier one where Meera for the very first time catches Maan looking at Geet clandestinely  from the Khurana Mansion Balcony in a similar manner.

However, amidst all of this I could also feel Maan’s helplessness as he stood there silently. It seemed as if Maan was deliberately trying to refrain himself from coming any close to Geet even though every bit of him craved for her nearness. One could feel the turmoil between his heart & mind. While his mind said to give up, the heart refuse to do so. One could also see how miserable Maan felt seeing Geet go through pain.

In my opinion, a man cannot emote so intensely over a woman whom he has completely forgotten.

It was equally heart wrenching to see Geet cling on to her wedding picture with Maan. Remembering, “HUM”, brought a smile to her lips and a tear to her eye. As Geet got ready for the celebrations, deep down her heart she longed to see “her” Maan & be back in his arms.

“I don't know what to do now that we're apart; I don't know how to live without the other half of my heart.” ~ Anon.

Swati Ghosh


  1. I can't speak much about today's episode, but the article is beautifully penned with quotes! The photo you have used is of outhouse track, many capturing moments from that phase.~ Smash

  2. Thanks for your lovely analysis Swati . As always well written and every word so true ! Can't for more Maneet interaction and your takes :)***** Mano

  3. Definintely a very very very touching and magical scene. Drasti and Guru are perfect with their expressions and their emotions and know exactly how to portray the feelings that Geet and Maan harbour for eaach other and go through. Their eyes speaks volumes... I have hardly seen any telly actors playing their parts so perfectly. Hats off to the talented stars that we have

  4. Fabulously written! You have perfectly relayed not only maaneet's feelings for each other and described the scene with such precision but also have put into words how we as audience felt while watching that scene. Thank you! Its always a pleasure to read your take. Hugs! :)

  5. very nice analysis yar! loved it...........

  6. Lovely description of heart warming scene that left so many sentiments in one's heart and one smiles in the same bitter sweet way Geet did while embracing their wedding pic!!

  7. OMG swati that was just awesome .. well written .. !!

  8. Last 3 mts of Geet was too good lovely description of heart warming scene. dhrasti & guru are awesome in portraying their characters

  9. Fantastic article on our own Maaneet !!!!!
    Nobody from the film or TV fraternity could hv emoted so well as Gurmeet does as "Maan". Kudos to both DD and GC for their fantabulously chemistrilicious acting. Looking forward to many more such mesmerising scenes......

  10. OMGossssh - yes Swati - me too - I totally remembered that!
    The helplessness could be multiple reasoned......
    But, I think the biggest problem here is he tries to hate her - but for how long will you try to hate a person who loves you so much??

  11. Absolutely awesome write up Swati..I am fan of your quotes...the scene everytime gives me gooseumps.....


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