Maan Singh Khurana:The Restless Soul!!

Today’s episode stood out due to Gurmeet Chaudhary’s exceptional acting. In a span of 22mins, one could see Maan go through varied emotions. One saw his anger, pain, guilt, concern, frustration, confusion & a sense of realization.

Maan was angry with Geet & insulted her in front of everyone coz he thought that she was self-centered & did not value his passion for work. However, as soon as he learnt the truth from Dev, he realized his mistake. Thereafter, one could see his restlessness in front of the clients as he kept remembering the harsh words that he blurted out to Geet on numerous occasions. He felt guilty for humiliating her time & again.

We all love Maan because he is a “man of principles.” As soon as he realized his mistake, he did not think twice to go up to Geet and talk to her. As he saw her in tears, he felt miserable coz Maan unwontedly has become the cause of Geet’s pain. Maan has never felt so helpless in his life than the present moment. He is unable to comprehend the constant turmoil between his heart & mind.

Even amidst his pain & confusion, one could see Maan’s heartfelt concern for Geet. He may not be the reason for her happiness but he also does not wish to be the reason for her sorrows. Maan under no circumstances wants Geet to face the brunt of his turmoil & hence realizes that he needs to stop her from misinterpreting his concern to be his love for her.

When I momentarily forget something, I do get restless in trying to remember it, so I completely relate to Maan’s emotional turmoil at the moment. As much as we want Maaneet to be together, Maan’s thought process is equally justified. It all seems like a nightmare to him. He gets up from a deep slumber only to realize that his world was no longer, what it use to be. Maan who was known to control his relationships, is now being controlled by a relationship which he fails to recall. He too wants to remember Geet but his fate has turned him into a mere puppet. So its only justified if he loses his calm at times coz he is constantly fighting it out with his inner self in trying to maintain his sanity.

On the other hand, more than Maan’s words of apology, what actually brought a smile to Geet’s face was his sense of realization & acknowledgement towards her pain.  That moment of togetherness made her realize that in spite of the memory loss, her tears still affect Maan. She being Mrs. Geet Singh Khurana has definitely changed the way Maan perceives her now. Maan’s concern towards her reminded Geet of the moment when he never looked back to heal her wound.

“Within you, I lose myself, without you, I find myself, searching to be lost again.” ~ Anon

Swati Ghosh


  1. Swati, again, gem of an analysis ! You have truly captured Maan's feeling and confusion . Geet is a magic worker, she can evoke such feelings even in a man who has memory loss, the feeling of guilt and conscience !

  2. Wonderful analysis Swati. GC has outdone himself yesterday. The way he depicted his changing emotions thru his facial expressions were awesome. If at all viewers were angry a this initial reaction to Geet then the way he expressed his repentance and the way he indirectly apologised to Geet, without actually saying the word 'sorry' were heart wrenching. I could actually relate to his inner turmoil and felt like hugging him and pacifying him. That's the kind of feelings GC-DD evoke in viewers and I guess that's what we call superb acting.

  3. Hi Swati !!

    what amazed me the most, was the fact that, during the entire time that he kept saying he didnt want to give her hope, he didnt want to hurt her, give her wrong ideas, he only thought of her.. and she was the cause for his restlessnes... he kept saying, if she was so important to me, why dont i feel anything? if she is sad why cant i see it and she was such a part of my life then why am i not able to acknowledge it every question, it was his concern for her that over powered him, such that he put even himself and his feelings aside!! Geet was write .. Maan is changing, he for sure is becoming the man he was, only diff is ... he cant see it or relate to it.. but people who know him know ... he will love her in any form.. no matter waht!!

    beautiful my dear

  4. Maan already has feelins 4 Geet .Just to scared to accept it. He will first run then he give old times.But Mann should not say harsh words to geet.GC your face expressions are awesome today .you done a outstanding performence .A big round of plause for you GC.

  5. Beautifully written and great analysis as usual.

  6. Swati Ghosh!! Amazing! The episode was good no doubt but your writing is awesome. You have perfectly captured the very essence of the episode. Muaaahhh!!

  7. Amazing write up...And agreed Gurmeet is an exceptional actor, he can emote any expression perfectly!!!

  8. Superb write up, i really like his acting and attitude.

  9. its amazing nice sharing keep it up thanks for all lovely one


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