A Kiss between Maan and Geet, Babaji please make this wish Complete! By Jane

I sit here and ponder
My mind does wander

My spreadsheets are not complete
Jane's brain is too busy thinking about Maan n Geet

Will Maan ever kiss Geet?
Will the demands of Safi's petition he meet?

What if Romeo and Juliet had never kissed?
What would the world have missed?

What if Rodin had never sculpted The Kiss?
Would the world be sorry that it didn't exist?

If the Prince hadn't kissed Sleeping Beauty?
She would have never woken and done her duty

Shashi Kapoor was the first
To slake the Janta's thirst

Kissing Zeenat on the lips in Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Kya superb scene tha Woh kitna Garam Garam

So we are saying its nothing new
Dont listen to the Moron few

On FB we are now 208,449 Fans of Geet
If you get trouble the morons we are ready to Meet

Even Kareena and Aamir have kissed
Such a sweet scene we would not have missed

We are not asking for a long Snog
Just even a Teeney Weeney lip lock

So swallow those Mints
And take our Hints

So come on our Maan n Geet
Make your beautiful story complete

Give us a fabulous SSmoocooohy KISS!
Its the only thing in this story so far we MISS!



  1. i think it's time

  2. This is the right time.

  3. it would be more beleivable we've gone past the flowers touching wake up it's the naughty's 00 get it and they are proffessionals .right luv maaneet keep it up gurmeet and drashti you rock


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