Gulaal:Risen from the grave!!!

The truth about Vasant’s death that had got buried along with him is now finally out in the open. Kesar’s revelation about Dushyant having murdered Vasant, shattered every one in the family. This was the moment that Gulaal had dreaded & hence she had decided to hide this truth away from her family. She had promised Vasant that she would always keep his family together & therefore even after knowing the truth about Dushyant, she chose to keep quite. For ten years Gulaal lived with Dushyant under one roof with this bitter truth buried in her heart.

On the other hand Dushyant could never win over Gulaal’s heart even after Vasant’s death & neither did his conscience let him live in peace. He has been repenting for his sins for last ten years but today his efforts went in vain as he saw every member of the family look at him suspiciously. Every pair of eyes that looked at him had only one question in them…did he really kill Vasant? If yes then why?

However the question that now arises is whether Motabha & Paanbha ever forgive Gulaal for hiding the truth about Vasant’s murder for ten long years? Will they understand Gulaal’s reasoning for doing so & realize the pain that she has been through in the last ten years seeing her husband’s murderer moving scott free before her eyes? 

To know the consequences of Kesar’s revelation keep watching Gulaal on Star plus, Monday to Friday at 9pm.

Swati Ghosh


  1. Well written Swati. But how does Kesar know about it? Sorry am not a regular viewer of Gulaal but keep myself updated thanks to friends who swear by it :-)

    What little i have seen of Gulaal lately has been fab. One of the best shows on TV according to me.


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