Geet: “Love is a promise; a souvenir, once given never forgotten” ~ John Lennon.


Maaneet’s love story has always been a roller coaster ride. We have all rejoiced in their happiness as well as cried seeing them in pain. Their “reel” emotion always affected the “real” people, and hence today was no different.

“Dadima se badkar is duniya mein mere liye koi nahi hai. Dadima hai toh mein hoon.” Maan once told these words to Geet when they met at the Dargah & since then Geet never forgot this truth. Therefore, when Nandini tells Geet about Dadima’s vow, she decides to break her fast & hence comes to Maan & convinces him to do so for the well-being of Dadima.

Nothing is more painful than the state of helplessness.  Maan realizes how much his behaviour is hurting Geet & his family but he is unable to come to terms with the reality & accept Geet as his wife. Even though Maan has always been a man of few words, but today he felt the need to open up to Geet. He felt he owed her an explanation. “Mere liye toh yeh sirf ek kahani hai.” Every word that he spoke only showed his vulnerability. He sincerely wished he could help himself & Geet by remembering her. However, one could also see Geet undergo immense pain seeing her Maan suffer, as he put forth his anxiety. She understands the turmoil he has been going through ever since the truth of their relationship has been revealed to him.

The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to.~Anon

Geet’s loves Maan more than anything else in this world and there is nothing that she would like better than to hold on to him forever.  But she realizes no matter how much her heart may break, she has to let him go. Her happiness dwells upon seeing her Maan happy, & hence she decides to relieve Maan of the pressure. Geet reassures Maan, that going forward he does not have to carry the burden of their relationship, until he feels the urge to do so.

Love is blissful, but only when you are in love and the person, with whom you are in love, loves you in return, other wise it can be extremely painful. Maan’s loss of memory has not only erased traces of Geet’s existence from his life, but has also deprived her of his love. Nevertheless, Geet loves Maan & that is more than enough for her to believe that someday her Maan will remember his Mishty & she will patiently wait for that moment till her last breath.

“Apart of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me. Together forever, never apart, may be in distance but never in heart.”~ Anon

Swati Ghosh


  1. Swati, wonderful interpretation of the feelings of Maan and geet ! As always fantastic job !

  2. Amazing swats, the episode and your write-up! Thank you once again.

  3. Swati I am so happy that you found your inner you and started writing. Its great to know you and I just love reading your takes everyday. You depict the feelings so much from your heart.

    Keep smiling and God bless dear.
    Happy Pening again... Buie

  4. SWATI superb interpretation abt how maan and geet felt ..yest was one of the best episodes in the way of emotions and ur write up as always rocks ...always pleasure to read wht u share 4 us ..keep pening ...thanks a lotttt 4 this beautiful write up..SARITA ..<3

  5. very well written i had tears inmy eyes while watching this episode and i had tears in my eyes while reading it. well done

  6. Awesome swati...I love your beautiful and apt quotes...Maan and geet are right at their places...but I truly loved geet for setting msk free..he will now come back to her....

  7. Swats,

    U summed it all up so beautifully..
    I was so damn affected by the episode...Here is a couple who have surpassed everyone for me with their life like performance ! The way maan explained to geet and his helplessnss so conveyed in his eyes and how GEET once again delivered ! Maan with no memory also stood mesmerised by the audacity of the girl the world called his wife ! Iam sure he started meltng that very moment ! The way he turned and looked at her before he left spoke volumes and geet saying she will wait !
    What a couple ! what a show and what a Writer u are swats ::) Lage raho !!

  8. Very touching .
    I feel as if some has written what was there in my mind for quite some time but could not put it down in words so beautifully .
    I wish CV's read this and understand to bring back Maan's memory .Geet has already suffered so much in life ,Babaji ab toh uska Maan wapas la do

  9. superb...n very touchy.......heartfelt wishes for ur work.........u hav expressed it so beautifully........


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