Geet Hui Sabse Parayi: Rishta Wohi, FACE Nayi!!!

Finally we got to see the new Nayantara but with old intentions as usual. She is back from coma with a fool proof plan to destroy the Khurana’s, her whole & sole reason for existence. She is definitely going to make Dev’s life a living hell as she feels he has wronged her. Dev for sometime has to shift his focus & replace N with N, I mean Nandini with Nayantara. It’s going to be interesting to see how Dev protects his family & fails Nayantara’s vicious plans. As much as I missed Karishma Randhawa, I did like the new actor & her pairing with Samir.

“I wish you could look at me and see the person you once loved instead of the person you have grown to hate.” ~ MAGebhart

Maan had taught Geet how to live; he was the man she ever loved. She laughed & cried with him. He was her life, her reason for existence. But now that he has forgotten her, she is not sure how to forgo her memories of him.

Even though Geet had decided to go away but a part of her wished & hoped that her Maan would find her, tell her how much he loved & missed her, hold her tightly & never let go off her. Geet’s wishful thinking did come true as Maan came looking for her. One could see a sparkle in Geet’s eyes & her heart skipped a beat seeing Maan climb up the bus. This was the moment she had longed for, as she stood there staring at his beautiful face, trying to understand the change. Her Maan was finally there to take her back home.

Maan’s presence brought a smile to her face as she thought that her gloomy days had finally come to an end. But least did Geet know that her happiness was momentary & would soon fade away. Maan categorically tells Geet his reason for being there. He tells Geet that he needs her around for his Dadima’s well-being even though he cannot stand her still & neither accepts her as his wife. Geet was shattered at the fact that she had built castle in the air for those few seconds seeing Maan standing before her.  

Maan’s words were like a sharp dagger that pierced through her heart & she bled. However, for Dadima’s sake Geet decides to go back with Maan as she knows that one has to give up a few of life’s battles to win the war & at the moment winning back her love is no less than a war.

We hope this phase of separation comes to an end & Maaneet soon gets back as Man & Wife as they are destined to be.

Swati Ghosh


  1. Hi Swati
    As much I am hating this period of the show, I enjoyed reading your blog. You connect with the Fans extremely well whether its positive or negative side of the story.

    I feel that story could be going in the correct track but the Heart to Heart connection between the 2 lovers maan and geet is being missed by the writers. Maan has a memory loss but in his heart he still loves Geet.

  2. Oh Swats, i love reading your updates. They are sometimes much much better than the episode itself. Your clarity, even after reading you for more than a year, still manages to amaze me. Thanks a ton for keeping us the in the loop with such beautiful everyday synopsis of the shows.

  3. This is the first time i have read any post by u. But I loved the way U have expressed geet's feelings in the bus Will continue to read it in future also.

  4. My dear SS,

    Loved it! Absolutely loved it. :)) and love you more for citing the quote. I am so proud of you for starting this blog. This will herald many big things for you. I am sure!
    much love, light and laughter,
    the fb bubblehead.

  5. I m actually loving all restart of lovestory n romance as its fun seeing angry young Man but I hate Naintaara n not so excited as why cv's always gets same villians enterring n leaving than gain enterring nothing new to bring exciting to the show like first it was brij,Naintaara than Naintaara's brother Arjun so same story we know their story.look to PKYEK Show they always get new negative characters to bing excitement n suspence in the show.I think its now time Geet cv's also get new negative characters to create suspense n thrill in the show!

  6. Swati, love your analysis as always ! You get to the bottom of the characters' feelings and make us really experience the moment. Now the same kind of courtship will begin all over again for Maneet ! Maan hating Geet but can't stop falling in love with her once again although his love never went away. NT is adding some spice to the mix. All I can say is GHSP is coming back with a bang :)


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