Gear up to get Up, Close and Personal with Preity Zinta!! brings you news on UTV Stars - the official Bollywood channel that is all set to unveil a star studded chat show with the vivacious Preity Zinta! Like the attempt and idea at has always been, we have tried to connect you with the creators. This is our first step towards the same.

The show is in sync with Preity’s personality – stylish, sexy, fun, glamorous and intelligent. Every week Preity invites a Superstar to her Penthouse for an informal yet classy tete- a –tete. At the same time the show is all set to deliver the brand promise of UTV Stars to give you a peek into the life of your favorite stars, as never seen before. All in all a fun and full of zest chat show like no other, designed to give audiences access to their favorite stars, up close and personal!

The effervescent host Preity Zinta said, “I’ve always believed that it’s not the show idea, but the way it’s presented to the audiences that makes the difference. And ‘Up, Close and Personal with PZ’ is just that difference! I for one am very excited about the chat show! It is a perfect platform for me to connect with the audiences while giving them access to Bollywood’s finest, Up, Close and Personal!”

Speaking about the show, Nikhil Gandhi, Business Head, UTV STARS, commented, “Up close and Personal with Preity Zinta is a show designed to deliver the brand promise of UTV STARS of being the intimate insiders! Anchored by one of the most effervescent ladies of Bollywood chatting up with her friends, the show is sure to bring back the charm in chat shows!”

So lets gear up to get Up Close and Personal with Preity Zinta, as she takes over the small screen only on UTV Stars from 3rd September onwards, every Saturday at 7 pm.

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Swati Ghosh


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