Friends Now Friends Forever: Gautam Hegde

                                                            Gautam Hegde

As we sent out some questions to interview Gautam Hegde, on the shows he was writing for, we also managed to get him to answer these friendship's day questions for us.
We at Rangmunch have always aimed at bringing to you the other side of the TV world, a world that is unknown and unseen by most of you. Our last experience with Gautam where he talked about the track was so engaging, we had to do this bit as well!

He has not only talked about his friends in the industry but also has pro-actively shared some personal pictures of his friends with us adding a personal touch to our interview. Thank You Gautam for the warm Friendship Day gesture!!

What importance does Friendship Day hold to your current track/ or in a show you are working on?

Unfortunately, none of the three shows I'm working on- Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Sapno Se Bhare Naina and Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, have incorporated Friendship'd day- its not blending well with the current drama.  

Being in the industry, who are the friends you can turn to and fall back on at anytime?

My friend circuit from the industry has people from channels whom I know for over the years now, writers and actors who I've worked  with over the years.. amongst the writers, there is Jay Verma (Miley Jab, Love Ne Mila Di), Jyoti Tandon (my co writer on Saathiya), actors Gaurav Khanna, Arjun Bijlani, Simran Kaur and Sudeep Sahir. There are a lot more, but the ones mentioned above are my speed dial friends.

Alot is said and written about friendships in the industry being opportunistic and driven by selfish motives? What do you have to say about that?

I feel a relationship should not be looked at judgmentally, from the word go, but yes, sometimes you can make out in little time the motive of an individual. I've been lucky to understand and segregate the good ones from the selfish ones. 

You are working, and you have a fixed life style, where obviously things get hectic, would you make an extra effort for your friends just because u don’t get time otherwise?

I work through the day. In the evenings, I make it a point to go and catch up with my friends. We catch up at someone's place for a chai, dinner at a restaurant, sometimes a movie or even sit together and watch Emotional Atyachaar! Hahaha!  

There is no one particular day needed to celebrate friendship, but if there is one such friend to whom you have been wanting to say something, but haven't been able to due to whatever reasons, you could use this as a platform!

Friendship day message for friends:

I make sure I tell my friends time and again that I love them- sometimes when I am not sober, I make what I call 'drunk calls!'. Arjun Bijlani, I may not like you all the time, but I always love you! Gaurav Khanna, you are my brother, you and I can count on each other always. Sudeep Sahir, you are my bada bhai! My role model when it comes to being an ideal son, husband and parent. My much married couple friends (it’s a long list, you know you are in it when you are reading this!), hug to all of you! My channel friends(Zee TV)- Suzana Ghai, Anu Ramsay, Saurabh Tewari, Shivani Shah, Sweta Piprodia, Vivek Bahl, if you all didnt treat me like you all own me as a family, I wouldn't have been what I am today. Jyoti Tandon, Janaki Viswanathan, Snehil Dixit, Simran Kaur, you all are like guardian angel fairies, always around making sure I'm okay. Dishank Arora, thanks for the super time we have at your pad! Lol! My non industry friends Vishal Pipraiya, Vaijayanti Albal and Abhishek Sharma, Anantika Sahir and baby Arwaan, I need you all to detox myself time and again! To my Aai and Pappa and God, you are there 24X7, so this one's for you all I LOVE YOU!      

                                  Gautam with the Miley Jab.. Actors Mohit, Sanaya and Arjun

To fans and viewers:

Its heart touching to know that our shows are appreciated. When you all like our characters and feel so much about them, somewhere we feel nice because we have been a part of creating the same. There are times when you all applaud and sometimes there are times when you all feel appalled... Like in friendship, just the way you get angry and there are times when you shower love... and just the way you shouldn’t judge and friend and end up saying something you would repent, please also give us a benefit of doubt because there are reasons why something goes right and there are reasons something goes wrong. We are around 80 people working on a show and all humans. We create, we err. It’s all a part of a long journey. Cheers! Spread love! :)   

(As told to Navyanka Varma) 


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