Friends are all i have: Sabiha

As a part of Friendship day we on our part got in touch with many people from the industry. One such as Sabiha, who happens to be of the very few lady Directors Telugu Television has. She has delivered some hit shows like Yuva and LOVE and is also a Nandi Award winner for her short film Tappu.. 

Today she is assisting Prakash Raj in a movie, which is going to be his Directorial Debut. Sabiha who we all know as "Chunia" lovingly, is a great delight to work with. She molds herself into whoever you want her to be, and that's one of the most important traits a Director needs to have.

Over to Chunia with her answers that will speak for themselves.

What importance does Friendship Day hold to your current track/ or in a show you are working on?

I wait for it all year.  Friends are all I have.

Being in the industry, who are the friends you can turn to and fall back on at anytime?

I love them all. No one has ever turned their back on me ever.

Alot is said and written about friendships in the industry being opportunistic and driven by selfish motives? What do you have to say about that?

These kinda people exist everywhere. Why single out the industry alone?

You are working, and you have a fixed life style, where obviously things get hectic, would you make an extra effort for your friends just because u dont get time otherwise?

YES...I even go to the extent of borrowing money to throw parties and meetings so that I get to spend time with my friends. :-)
What is the most overrated expectation from a friend according to you?

It’s okay when they do certain things, but the problem comes when I do the same. 

Has friendship ever tied you down or obligated you, during work? If it has how would you deal with it? ( there is no need for personal experience if you dont want to share it)?

Yes, Lots and lots of times !!!  I am a very emotional person and I get carried away when someone is in pain. Someone misused my financial help and went on to spread rumors about it. Let me recall it. But it did teach me a lesson.
Pyar Dosti hai ya Dosti pyaar hai? which one holds true in your case?

I will always go for platonic friendship. If mixed with other relations you end up losing both. The things you can share with friends cant certainly be shared with “LOVE”.

There is no one particular day needed to celebrate friendship, but if there is one such friend to whom you have been wanting to say something, but haven’t been able to due to whatever reasons, you could use this as a platform! 

No! Even if I did, I would be misunderstood like I always have been !


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