Fanspeak: Why mothers dont want a son in law like Arnav

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Why should my daughter be Dismissive; Of a Man like Arnav - a Mother's Missive!

What mother does not want her daughter to find herself a man who is successful, suave and good looking. Always impeccably dressed, purposeful stride, determined look and no-nonsense demeanor would be qualities that a mother would look for her future son in law.

Arnav, a character I saw recently on Star Plus in a serial called Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon at 8pm while surfing through channels, held me glued for his authoritative ways of dealing with a situation.

His definitive ideas about life seemed even a little drastic but I was ready to cut some slack as he seemed to have gone through a lot in his life. His love for his sister Anjali, respect he gives grudgingly to his Naani was admirable. It seemed that he does have a heart after all.

What else could it be for he did catch a girl falling in his arms, even if he promptly put her aside. So may be he did not feel good about women and hell! he seemed to have an axe to grind against women, for he manhandled her but wait! did he just let her get away when she reasoned with him?

He did not seem bad just badmouthed. Am i defending him? No, No! just stating the fact. I saw it when his instinct was to save her from falling from his office window but her words stung him enough to let her go. Hang on! the cheeky man knew there were boxes down there, didn't he? I had laughed, the man showed he was insensitive but he seemed to have some conscience. Kameena!

But of late, there has been some chemical lochaa; he seems to have melted towards Khushi. But pigheaded that he is he does not even admit it to himself. 

He is also stubborn and foolhardy, he has now gone and gotten himself a goat… uh! i mean a girl who proclaims her love for him but does not make any effort to win hearts of his family.

Bhalaa aisi larki kise pasand aayegi?

But i digress. Daughter dearest, you be careful, you don't want a guy who is stubborn blind and thinks he is in control when all i see is a train ready to derail.

What will I do should you fall in love with an uncouth guy like him? A guy who is always around to save you but he cannot save himself from falling?

What am I going to do if my son in law knows what is best for him, know ki aage keechad had par kadam aise bhadhaye jaa raha hai ki manzil wahi ho?

Par kya karoon Arnav mein phir kuch baat dikhti hai jo sirf dekh kar andekha karne ka mann karta hai.

Is there more to him than what meets the eye? Am I too quick to write him off as a potential son in law material to my daughter?

Agar aise larke se meri beti ko pyar jo jaaye toh 

Uss Pyar ko Mein kya naam doon?
Written by:
Vrushali Tripathi


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