Dhande main dost dushman: Sushma Nittala

If you ever been in LOVE? Have you loved it when people have said nice things to you. Has a dialogue by a loved one left a strong impact on you?

If you think i am talking about real life love, you are mistaken, since the LOVE i am talking about the show that aired on Maa TV over a year ago. Having met Sushma, during that time, i always knew she not only is a talented human being, she is a great friend to have. She very soon went onto to become Sushma Akka .. and today, she not only writes, she also owns her own Music Company Arohi Music, makes short films for kids just for fun, and is always bustling with ideas when it comes to creativity.

I thought, at Rangmunch.tv, it would be wonderful, if i introduced her to all of you on the occasion of Friendship Day and also show you how talented she is as a person as well.

1.    What importance does Friendship Day hold to your current track/ or in a show you are working on?

Call me a pessimist but I do not believe in friendship in real world.  But for scripts, it works great.  I have been      working on a film script which is about childhood friends and the status of their friendship after all they grow up.

2.    Being in the industry, who are the friends you can turn to and fall back on at anytime?

I always believe in 'D' film's wonderful quote "Dhandhey mein Dost Dushman".  :)

3.    Alot is said and written about friendships in the industry being opportunistic and driven by selfish motives? What do you have to say about that?

Generally also most of the people make friends with an expectation that they would be of help in the their bad times, etc so why blame the industry people?

4.    You are working, and you have a fixed life style, where obviously things get hectic, would you make an extra effort for your friends just because u dont get time otherwise?

Friendship is very demanding.   Problem arises even when you are available all the time.  But coming to making an extra effort, thanks for the technology, it takes no time to wish them and keep them in the loop about whats happening in my life and vice versa.

5.    What is the most overrated expectation from a friend according to you?

Not allowing to have a different opinion about things!!

6.    Has friendship ever tied you down or obligated you, during work? If it has how would you deal with it? ( there is no need for personal experience if you dont want to share it)?

Ayyo, a couple of times.  Work place friendship is a different topic altogether.  It offends other people and the management too :P  I got into a verbal fight with my supervisor for being strict to my friend and that put me in the list of 'unprofessional an disobedient' employee.  And that effected my work life.  I wasn’t considered for next level posts. :(

7.    Pyar Dosti hai ya Dosti pyaar hai? which one holds true in your case?

Pyar Dosti hai according to me.  Friendship mixed with any other kind of relationship works wonders.

8.    There is no one particular day needed to celebrate friendship, but if there is one such friend to whom you have been wanting to say something, but havent been able to due to whatever reasons, you could use this as a platform!

Nah, I am good

If you want to take a look at the short film Sushma made for kids please find the link below.

                                                          The Exam Movie

Niharika Vidya Sagar


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