Devyani : A Woman of Substance!!!

Should we applaud for Devyani or tell  her to wake up and take a stand…???
The show is definitely on the most nerve wrecking track as Brahma’s advances towards Uttara gets reciprocated.The affair is on !!…and Devyani knows it!!…What surprises me is that women like Devyani still exists even today…A women who lives for others and not herself. 

In a world where women are climbing the success ladder and making it big, we see Devyani, who only thinks of her family and  is the strongest person who ties all of them together.Devyani has not only hidden and kept the dark secret of her son Gaurav but has managed to create semblance in her turbulent life as she has a philanderer of a  husband who cant keep his hands off women..Even now, when she has been exposed to her husband’s dirtiest and degrading act, she is  shattered but not  broken. She refuses to bow down and let her family suffer because of this act of  infedilty. Any woman would have walked out of this marriage long back but  not Devyani. She is not only a wife …she is a mother, a daughter-in-law and a home maker…Her family is and will be her priority always..

Devyani , a woman of substance who not only conducts herself with dignity but also with integrity .Even when everything is working against her, she knows better not to respond with anger but respond with patience. She values her family highly. Devyani is beautifully portrayed by Indrani Haldar who has gone into the skin of the character..Bravo !! for making this role so believable and playing it with such grace..

So keep watching Maryada: lekin kab tak to see how Devyani takes hold of the burning situation…..

Navyanka Varma


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