ArShi-Chapter to be included in Science Lessons

Combustion  or burning is the sequence of exothermic chemical reactions between a fuel and an oxidantaccompanied by the production of heat and conversion of chemical species. The release of heat can result in the production of light in the form of either glowing or a flame.

This is the wikipedia definition of Combustion...

And all these days, i wondered, why there was so less of ArShi on Screen, when we want to see more and more of them...
But i have been told, just this evening, that the makers of the show have been told specifically to not include their sequences till the end term of school since they want their children to score high grades..

A recent survey and report suggests ... students have scored higher marks in their science papers and have specifically scored full marks when it comes to combustion after Is Pyar ko Kyaa Naam Doon has started airing...

"I was busy watching the episode, and i missed my prep" says Teacher Shashikala, who was surprised to know her children still scored full marks when they were explained the chapter with ArShi as the prime example.

Further it has been noted that, houses have witnessed burning of TV wires, blanking out of TV screens and young reported cases of heart palpitations ...

"Getting home-work done has never been easier" says Rudrakshi, a home maker !! ArShi, just make it easier ... "TV dekho, aur kaam bhi khatam karo" .. two in one fayde hai iss main ...!!

Producers Gul Khan, Nissar Parvez, Rajesh Chadda, Directors Lalit Mohan, Arshad Khan have been flooded with invitations to schools functions to present guest lectures, and distribute prizes ..

We tried speaking to the actors, who remained unavailable for comment. It was later noted that they were cooling the heat off with their 1.5 ton Air Conditioners on in their respective make up vans!

The Ministry of Education has hence decided ArShi shall hence forth be included as a compulsory chapter in all science courses starting from class 5. "start early, cos the early bird always gets chemistry right" quipped Minister ChandraShankar Trivedi.

-Shady Indian Times Report!
Niharika Vidya Sagar


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