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Here is an audio conversation between Abhaas Mehta aka Shyaam from Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon! Its an informal conversation where he talks about his role, himself as well as what he as Abhaas thinks of Shyaam. Please leave your comments behind, to let us know if you like the interview and also let us know what you thought of the format. We tried our best to keep it as fan-based as possible, of course intertwining some questions about the character, Abhaas's understanding etc.

Written Version:

Audio Interview of Abhaas Mehta with Interviewer Niharika....

Niharika: Let me congratulate you on playing Shyam really well ?

Abhaas: Thank you so much !

Niharika : People  hate Shyam but love Abhaas... What  is the funda  behind it ?

Abhaas : ( Laughingly)...People love Abhaas, thats really good.They are supposed to hate. Shyam with the story going the way it is .I am glad people are hating him which means I'm doing my job well

Niharika : Now lets talk a little about Abhaas, Shyam and what Abhaas 's thoughts are on  Shyam?We'll do this segment  in 3 part....First is the 5 W's.....

Abhaas: Ok..go on ...

Niharika : How did you land up in this role ?

Abhaas: The production house called long back when i was doing a show for Colors which unfortunately  didn't air..Once they called me again  , i went and auditioned for the character of Arnav.But the channel felt i was more suited for Shyam and hence got the role.

Niharika: When did you learn Shyam is going to turn negative ?

Abhaas :I always knew that he would be a negative character.I enjoy playing negative roles.

Niharika: What made you take up the role ?

Abhaas : In Indian Tv, there is always extreme cases..be it extreme positive or extreme negative.There never has been a middle way. Shyam ,I felt had grey to him and i liked that about him.He is not evil  or vampish but just that he cant help himself finding love outside  of marriage.He is like a meethi churi...a flamboyant charmer...

Niharika : Where did you audition for this role ?

Abhaas : It was on MJHT sets..

Niharika : Why is Shyam so mysterious ?

Abhaas : Earlier there was no identity to Shyam so all was very mysterious, but now things will start to unfold as the story progresses..

Niharika: As a fan i would like to say that your entry in Dabaang style was too cool ...

Abhaas : Yes, that was the best part of the show..It was shot over 2 days and that too next to my house. I have never done anything like this so thoroughly enjoyed it .

Niharika : 5 Questions on Abhaas ..?

Birthday : 10th Jan
Hometown : Mumbai
Family : I have a short sweet family ...my dad, my mom ,  and my sister...
What does your family say about your bad boy role : immediate family is happy but extended family is disappointed ...( laughs)
What have friends have to say : They teased about my entry but all love what Im doing . I even force my friends to watch my show even if they don't want too ...( laughing about it )

Niharika :If not an actor you would be ....

Abhaas : Well i am a lawyer...so Professionally i do that too ...

Niharika : Where did you study Law ?

Abhaas: The Indian law School...

Niharika : Now we come to our last segment called " Real to Reel "
               What does Abhaas thinks about Shyam :

Abhaas: I really look upto Shyam , not in the  ways he is going about women but the charmer he is..the way he is able to convince everyone and mould their thoughts the way he wants  , is amazing . Wish I could do that ...

Niharika : What would you do if you fell in love after being married ?

Abhaas : Thats a difficult question. If that hap penes then a  marriage is definately lacking something. Personally i don't believe in dragging things if they don't have a meaning .I would react depending on the situation.

Niharika: With Khushi , is Shyam in love or is infatuated ?

Abhaas : Shyam is in love with Khushi. Audiences are naming it lust as Shyam is married ..but Shyam is truly in love with Khushi...what he does for Khushi is out of love and not lust .

Niharika: Does Anjali deserve Shyam ?

Abhaas: Nooo, never..she is the sweetest soul on the show ..hope she gets someone better as the story moves forward.

Niharika: Does he love his wife ?

Abhaas:He does and he cannot see her sad , on the same hand he loves Khushi too ...as he justifyies this as he believes he is not making anyone sad .That is his belief ...when the belief turns into obsession will be interesting to see.

Niharika: Who is your favorite character on the show ?

Abhaas : hahahaha... well it has to be " hello hi bye bye.. the mami...her dialect is super and she picks on punches real fast...love that about her ...second undoubtedly would be " nand kisore" ..bhuaji...she is a fabulous actor and has taken the character to a different level altogether .

Niharika:What makes a relationship work , whether it is love or friendship ?

Abhaas: 3 things according to me...Trust , understanding and compromise... when these two come , its easy to compromise to accomodate one another ..

Niharika : Tell us the relationship Shyam shares with
Abhaas :    Anjali ------ Marriage
                 Arnav------ finds confidant in Shyam
                 Khushi -----liking, love
                 Bhuaji ------ respects her immensely

Niharika : Have you read something weird about Shyam ?

Abhaas: yes, that he is Khushi's brother ..( stunned to read this )

As the interview comes to an end Abhaas deeply thanks all his audiences world wide for appreciating and loving this show as lots of hard work has gone into building it.He is sincerely grateful for all the love showered on him and his entire cast and crew.Even with his Fractured leg, the production house accommodated him for which he is ever grateful.As he signs off..he tells his viewers to keep watching as the show has lot to offer......

 Edited By:
  Navyanka Varma
(Rangmunch Team)


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