The Week Ahead: Yeh Kya Ho Raha hai ?

Openings of the week:

Balika Vadhu

“Koi yeh kaise bataye ke woh tanha kyun hai, woh jo apna tha wohi aur kiska kyun hai”

Life has brought our Anandi at a cross road from where there is no return. The one person who was the reason for her existence, who was not only her husband but was also her best friend, Jagiya has now become Dr. Jagat & has abandoned her for another woman. Her world fell apart when she learnt about Jagiya’s marriage with Gouri & heard of his undying love for her. A relationship that she nurtured for 16 long years looked shallow & worthless.

So what will Anandi do now? Should she file a suit against Jagiya for Bigamy or should she take life into her stride by studying further & become independent? Will Jagiya ever realize & value Anandi’s selfless love or regret his decision of marrying Gouri?

In order to get answers to all these questions & to ease our restless souls, let’s watch the forth coming episodes of Balika Vadhu, Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Colors channel.

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

“Do not read a book by its cover.” It’s now revealed that Shyam is Anjali’s husband & Arnav’s brother–in-law. The greatest disappointment that came along with this revelation is that even Arnav Singh Raizada got carried away by Shyam’s fakeness. A man who could do anything for the happiness of his sister was oblivious to Shyam being the biggest threat to his sister’s happiness. Shyam is not only an opportunist & manipulative but he is also a lose character. He got attracted to Khushi at the very first sight & continued to pursue his liking towards her even though he was married & also knew that Khushi was working with the Raizadas & had met Anjali too. Shyam not only kept both these worlds separate but also balanced them without much trouble.

Will Khushi find out the actual identity of Shyam? Will Khushi’s friendship with Shyam, make her Arnav’s foe? Will Arnav figure out Shyam’s true colours & be able to safeguard his sister’s happiness?

Let’s watch the forth coming episodes of IPKKND, Monday to Friday at 8:00pm on Star Plus to find out more about the upcoming track.

Just Dance”….. The Ultimate Dance Reality Show( Star One & Star Plusevery Saturday & Sunday at 9pm.

This weekend the viewers saw the showcase episodes of “Just Dance” & I must admit it was a treat to the eye to watch all the 13 contestants perform. Indeed sab kuch bhulakar they all “Just Danced.”

Every performance was outstanding & compelled the judges, Hrithik Roshan, Farah Khan & Vaibhavi Merchant to say a “WOW”. The performances included a variety of Dance forms like Indian Classical, Ballet, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, Contemporary, Bungee dancing etc. Every contestant’s family members were also invited to the show & it was a moment of pride & happiness as they saw their loved ones perform LIVE on such a huge platform. It was an emotional joyride for the contestants & their family members as they shared their moments with the judges.

From next weekend its going to be a roller coaster ride as the contestants will compete with each other to secure their positions & save themselves from elimination. It’s going to be a competition worth watching & it’s definitely not going to be easy for the judges to decide on the weakest link. The show along with its competitive nature, also promises a full on weekend dose of entertainment for its viewers.

We would like to wish good luck to all the contestants of “Just Dance” as their journey towards winning the “Title” has now begun.

So is there anything else you look forward to this week? Do feel free to share it with us.

Swati Ghosh


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