Mukti Bandhan: Is this the basis of most marriages?

Pandit ne kaha greh aur kundali mil gayi, parivaar walon ne kaha ki khandaan accha hai, ladka padha lika hai, ladki susheel hai toh kya pyaar ho jata hai? Pyaar kisse hota hai, greh aur kundali se, padhai se? Arey logo ki shaadi ho jati hai, bacche ho jatey hai, log ghar khareed lete hai, gadiya khareed lete hai, unka pura sansar bas jata hai lekin phir bhi jeevan bhar pata nahi chalta ki pyaar kya hota hai, pata hai kyun? Kyunki aadat ko pyaar samajh baitey hai.

As Jimmy blurted these lines to Nirali trying to show her the other side of the coin, it also revealed the irony of marital relationships. After a point are we really able to demarcate if our relationship is bonded by love or by habit?

Please come forward & share your views with us on this.

  Swati Ghosh
- Rangmunch. TV


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