Jane's Corner: She Cast a Spell on him -Part 2

Anger clouded his thoughts as he he shrugged of his shirt.

It seemed in his absence the whole of KC had gone mad. But he was back and he would not tolerate any of this. KC was one of the top most companies in India. He and Daadima had spent blood sweat and tears to get it there he was not going to let anyone destroy his reputation, who ever they thought they were.

Why were they all speaking for her. Dev, Daadima, Adi, and that new employee, that idiot what was his name? Lucky! why were they all making excuses for Geet's mistakes.

And for what purpose had anyone employed Lucky. He did not seem to have any professional skills let alone one single coherent thought in his head!

Him and that other girl who hung around like a spare wheel, what was her name? He did not know. She had not been able to string one sentence together in his presence. Pathetic.

He would get rid of the all the useless staff on his payroll and start afresh. Why had Dev employed such useless people. He would have to talk to Dev as well. He had completely let standards slip in his absence.

Geet had made so many mistakes, he would not and could not tolerate it at all. He had warned her that there would be no place for anyone who made mistakes. Even if they were all saying she was his biwi.

Biwi!! He argued with himself, if he could not remember her maybe she had not been worth remembering!

He needed to clear his head and think. He needed to burn of some of this anger and energy and clear his mind so that he could focus on the work ahead. Reaching for his exercise clothes he changed into them.

He went to his usual exercise area and found that it was full of last nights party. Grinding his teeth in frustration at the useless servants he headed for the Outhouse at least that would be empty he thought his face dark and angry.

Thank God! He could have some peace here to workout he thought. Throwing his towel on a nearby chair he walked to the middle of the room and closed his eyes, focused on clearing his mind.

The evening dusky pink light reached into the room, making the whole room glow with warmth. Peace settled in him. He loved the Out House he felt so much at home here.

He started working out. His mind focusing on achieving balance and harmony. His movements slow and controlled as he warmed up his muscles. His body found its rhythm and he stretched his muscles working them his movements totally fluid now.

Suddenly out of nowhere an image of Geet's eyes challenging him with a wing chun block erupted in his mind. He closed his eyes and saw in his minds eye that he was circling her in this very room. His hands shirking off his shirt as he spoke to her.

His mouth ran dry as he saw the challenge in her eyes, the sexy smile she gave him. He approached her, she blocked him, he approached her again she moved but he was too fast for her, he caught her in his arms and kissed the furiously beating pulse on her neck.

He could almost feel her living and breathing in his arms. The image was SO real he felt himself breathing faster, he felt the sweet heady rush of arousal coursing through him.

Dear God! He shook his head to clear the image from his mind. No those images cannot be real! Could they??

He calmed himself down and started to workout again. But the images came rushing back.

Her fragrance surrounded him. He leaned against the wall for support.

He could hear her breathing softly as she wrapped her self around him as he pinned her to this wall. His eyes snapped open he jumped away from the wall as if he had been scalded.

She was kissing his neck, his chest, her lips moving over him like an Angel's whisper......he had picked her up in his arms and headed upstairs to the bedroom.

She was a siren. His mind crowded with images so intense, of passion, his ears filling with her moans of pleasure...........


His fists clenched as he tried to get control over himself. Was he remembering this or was it his mind making it all up? Had he taken her upstairs and made love to her?

Had he been teaching Geet Wing Chun? Or something else.......

The images burned in his mind, his body reacting to them despite all his efforts to control himself.

He looked up and saw the woman who had kissed him with such abandonment walking slowly down the stairs. She was a vision in green, her hair loose, its soft brown tendrils framed her face.

His eyes focused on her soft brown pools and he felt himself drowning in them. Her lips lush and pink quivered under his passionate blazing eyes.

Geet had been upstairs when she had heard someone moving downstairs, coming to look at the top of the stairs she had spied Maan working out. Bare chested, focused, his movements so beautiful as he moved with grace completing the Kata.

Then suddenly he had stopped and leaned on the wall, he had looked in pain.

She had walked down the stairs worried that he was going to faint. But as she reached the bottom of the stairs and saw the blazing passion in his eyes as he looked at her she had stopped.

Had he remembered her??? Her heart beat faster. She melted under his hot gaze. She moved towards him as if an invisible force was pulling her. Her smile full of love for him.

His hand reached out and framed her face. Fires of desire blazed in his eyes, her body leaned into his answering the need in his.

Maan! She gasped her lips quivered against his softly.

He blinked, an incredulous expression came over his face. His dark eyes focused. This was no dream. She was there in front of him. If she had not spoken he was sure he would have taken her upstairs to the bedroom and made love to her. She had broken the spell.

He pushed her away angrily.

Angry at her for being there. Angry at himself for not being able to control his emotions. Angry that he did not remember.

Without even looking at her he walked away.

Written  by Jane Meme 27.7.2011

This is a combination and elaboration of this
Maan teaches Geet Wing Chun

and a continuation of This She cast a spell on him

Its a bit raw as I only started writing it about an hour ago so please excuse the mistakes...but I do hope you enjoy it...its in line with the current confusion Maan is facing in his mind.

Short and sweet........it is........Please do comment :)))))))))


  1. Short and sweet it is and what a throwback to the wing chun scene you had drafted a great while ago. That was one of your best Jane. You cast a spell on us with your writing. Thanks.


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