Jane's Corner: She Cast a Spell on him -Part 1

Flashback....................this is a kind of extension of the promo of Maan in bed having flashbacks...It wrote itself whilst I was writing your Sunday Sundae I hope you enjoy it.

This one is short n sweet.

                                        She had cast a spell on him
He watched her through the glass. His dark chocolate eyes fixed on her. She was talking to one of the staff so animatedly. Her Jhumkas danced happily in her ears as she moved her head in agreement with whatever they were saying.

Why couldn’t he remember? He had remembered everything else. He hated this feeling of helplessness with a vengeance.

Was she really his wife?? He the man who hated women, had he fallen in love and married her?

His mind said there was no way he would have gotten married and not remembered. But his heart, his heart he didn’t want to listen to.

His mind told him he had nothing in common with her. He had watched her all day yesterday and today. No they had nothing in common at all. He just couldn’t grasp that she was his 'wife'.

What circumstances had led to them getting married? Daadi and Dev's stories sounded totally insane. Why would he be driving through Amritsar?? No nothing added up.

But she had said nothing to him.

His dreams, yesterday night had been full of soft hands and lips caressing him. Of someone whispering his name again and again. He had woken up breathing fast, aroused and sweating. Was that her??? No he could not equate this woman standing in front of him to the siren in his dreams. It couldn’t be her.

Would he have chosen someone to be his personal secretary who clearly was so incompetent at her job. The amount of mistakes she had made so far made him groan with frustration.

But when she looked at him she had surely cast a spell on him. Those eyes that looked at him with hurt had bewitched him. He felt himself drowning in those limpid soft brown pools.

He knew she was hurt that he didn’t remember.

Dear God! Her eyes pulled him to her as if they had invisible strings attached. He wanted to gather her up in his arms and hide her from the world when he looked into those eyes of hers. But why? His mind questioned his insane thought.

Was that her fragrance that haunted his dreams?

She made him forget himself totally. How did she manage to that?

Earlier as he had told her off, her eyes had filled with tears slowly, her face become so pale and her lush pink lips had quivered under his harsh gaze.

He had felt such a heel.

Was it those lush pink lips that he had been dreaming of last night. Those lips that explored him softly, shy and hesitant like an Angel's whisper travelling over him?

Was it her voice that whispered to him in the dark of the night and drove him insane?

He closed his eyes as the thoughts tumbled and swirled around in his head, dark clouds of confusion that threatened to overwhelm him. He leaned on his desk willing himself to remember.

He hated this feeling. Maan Singh Khuarana hated being at the mercy of this stroke of fate.

He would remember he reassured himself as he looked up again to see those eyes of hers drinking him in. He would have to before the love in those eyes that he didnt remember drowned him and consumed him completely.


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