Chat with Aditi Chopra(Pinky) as Promised!

Here is a chat with Aditi Gupta aka Pinky on GHSP …

We: Hi Aditi !! It’s great news,  that you are back on GHSP
Aditi: Sure, I am happy too.
We: So where was Pinky all these days?
Aditi: well sweets Geet was in Amritsar and Pinky was in Delhi, she never went away !!!

We:  Tell us about your role in this new phase.
Aditi: I am entering the show with freshness...but yeah the cuteness and foodie Pinky remains. As this is what people like about me. My bubbly nature and the fact that I am a foodie has always been my trademark.

We: What is it about Pinky that you love playing the most?
Aditi: It would be the innocence, the bubbly nature, the chirpiness. I love Pinky myself.

We: Do you know people want Adi and Pinky to pair up??
Aditi: Yes I do know that people want me and Adi to be a couple on screen since they love us together.

We: So do we expect to see a love track this time?
Aditi: well well well…You never know what’ in store in the track that is coming up....

We: What’s the first scene you shot after coming back?
Aditi: My first scene is just like the scene where I was introduced last June. I am shown with a packet of chips and a file in hand. I am a little upset that Geet doesn’t hasn’t kept in touch with me all these days but I also understand her since I know what she is going through.

We: So does Pinky know Maan has lost his memory? How will she support Geet?
Aditi: yes ofcourse she knows Maan has lost his memory, and in very first scene together she tells geet "ab main aa gayi hu toh dekhna maan sir ki yaadash kaise yapis layenge hum dono" so she will support Geet in every possible manner she can.

We: How was it coming back to the Geet set?
Aditi: It was the "awesomest feeling" as i met everyone I have missed so much. I was in fact so excited about meeting everyone that I didn’t sleep all night the previous day.

We: So who was the first person you met on the sets?
Aditi: As soon as I landed I went directly to my vanity.The person who greeted me there was the person I love the most and a person who has always taken care of me. I am talking about the eldest in Khurana's family Dadima that is ANJUJI.

We: What has changed on the sets of Geet?

Aditi: The first thing which changed is "the DIRECTOR" "the Location itself" "almost all the technicians" the Cameraman. The D.O.P. and yes, Geet’s brother and sister "Lucky Paaji" n "Nandini" have joined the cast.

We: Have you had a chance to interact with the new entrants?

Aditi: well yes....the moment i entered Lucky paaji did interact with me. He is sweet. A talked a little with Nandini as well.

We: So did you watch Geet, when you were not shooting for it?
Aditi:  i used to but not regularly. But my mom always did and would tell me what was happening. I was busy with my exams and my new show Shama on Doordarshan just started airing at 12: 30 since yesterday.

We: Tell us something about your role in Shama.
Aditi: Shama is a story about 3 sisters. I’m the youngest one Shabina. It’s a Muslim family and I play a bubbly yet studious girl here.

We: how do you manage between your studies and shoots?
Aditi: I have been acting since the age of 10, so it isn’t very difficult anymore. I am used to it now.

We: Thanks a ton for your time Aditi, and All the best! We love you as Pinky and we hope to see more of you in the near future.
Aditi: Thanks. I enjoyed talking with you as well.

Thank You for reading!

Rangmunch Team


  1. wow..thank u soo much for aditti's was really sweet knowing her.
    welcome back pinky..we were missing u to the core
    luv u aditti & keep rocking :)

  2. Hi. Thank you for sharing this short n sweet interview of our dearest Pinky aka Aditi Chopra. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Anyone n anything related to GHSP is very special n dear to me n so is this interview.

  3. thanks a lot for her interview, it was such a pleasure to listen to her interview. please next give us gurti i mean gurmeet and drashti's interview please please please,

  4. great interview... thanks for the inside look and bringing this here...looking forward to many more ;-))

  5. very sweet interview from Aditi ! She seems bubbly in real life too :) Mano


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