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Jane's Corner: Mehendi ka Rang

Heelooo peoples. A Sunday Sundae for you :))) I hope you like it ;)) Please do comment if you do Thank you in advance. Please excuse the hindi ;))) ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------ Maan stood with his arms crossed watching the goings on in the Haveli. His eyes romaed around the room taking in all the preparations. He had walked in from the office but nobody had noticed him at all. Daadi, Geet and Anni were all very busy. In two days time Anweesha was getting married to Arjun. So much had happened in the last year it seemed that he and his family had lived a whole lifetime in those 12 months or so. But they were a strong family they had made it through together. As always his eyes found and focused on Geet. His Love, his Life. His face softened and his lips curled into a smile at her antics. Now Geet was in his life 24 hours a day. Sometimes for him even that was not enough. Many a time this year h

Jane's Corner: She Cast a Spell on him -Part 2

Anger clouded his thoughts as he he shrugged of his shirt. It seemed in his absence the whole of KC had gone mad. But he was back and he would not tolerate any of this. KC was one of the top most companies in India. He and Daadima had spent blood sweat and tears to get it there he was not going to let anyone destroy his reputation, who ever they thought they were. Why were they all speaking for her. Dev, Daadima, Adi, and that new employee, that idiot what was his name? Lucky! why were they all making excuses for Geet's mistakes. And for what purpose had anyone employed Lucky. He did not seem to have any professional skills let alone one single coherent thought in his head! Him and that other girl who hung around like a spare wheel, what was her name? He did not know. She had not been able to string one sentence together in his presence. Pathetic. He would get rid of the all the useless staff on his payroll and start afresh. Why had Dev employed such useles

Jane's Corner: She Cast a Spell on him -Part 1

Flashback.................... this is a kind of extension of the promo of Maan in bed having flashbacks...It wrote itself whilst I was writing your Sunday Sundae I hope you enjoy it. This one is short n sweet. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --                                         She had cast a spell on him   He watched her through the glass. His dark chocolate eyes fixed on her. She was talking to one of the staff so animatedly. Her Jhumkas danced happily in her ears as she moved her head in agreement with whatever they were saying. Why couldn’t he remember? He had remembered everything else. He hated this feeling of helplessness with a vengeance. Was she really his wife?? He the man who hated women, had he fallen in love and married her? His mind said there was no way he would have gotten married and not remembered. But his heart, his heart he didn’t want to listen to. His mind told him he had n

Chat with Aditi Chopra(Pinky) as Promised!

Here is a chat with Aditi Gupta aka Pinky on GHSP …   We: Hi Aditi !! It’s great news,  that you are back on GHSP Aditi: Sure, I am happy too. We: So where was Pinky all these days? Aditi: well sweets Geet was in Amritsar and Pinky was in Delhi, she never went away !!! We:  Tell us about your role in this new phase. Aditi: I am entering the show with freshness...but yeah the cuteness and foodie Pinky remains. As this is what people like about me. My bubbly nature and the fact that I am a foodie has always been my trademark. We: What is it about Pinky that you love playing the most? Aditi: It would be the innocence, the bubbly nature, the chirpiness. I love Pinky myself. We: Do you know people want Adi and Pinky to pair up?? Aditi: Yes I do know that people want me and Adi to be a couple on screen since they love us together. We: So do we expect to see a love track this time? Aditi: well well well…You never know what’ in store in the track that is coming up.... We: What’s the fir

Sasuraal Genda Phool: Will Suhana realise whats going wrong?

A girl as pampered and loved as Suhana suddenly has become the person that the entire family is irked at. On one hand, one feels she doesnt know better, but on the other, when we sit to think we realize its about time she took up some responsiblity. What do you think Suhanas family should now do? Will she remain the apple of their eye or will she become an issue of contention in the coming days? What would you do,  if you were her family? Share your ideas and thoughts with the Rangmunch.TV family! Rangmunch.TV Team

A chat with Aditi Chopra: Pinky Coming up !!!

We have always seen her either with a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate. She loves her food, but she loves Geet more!!  Aditi aka Pinky, is all set to come back on GHSP and we at Rangmunch.TV decided to chat up with her and share it with you guys! Coming up Soon!!! Right here.... - RangmunchTV Team