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Saturday, 02 February 2013 07:52

D3 This Week: Of Struggle, Dilemma…and Dance!

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As India Fest 2013 edges closer, tension is high as Swayam, Rey, Nilesh and Aashi struggle to make their new dance team work together, a task so uphill that they must turn to the only person who can give them the push they need: Sharon. But can she help them while she stands in the midst of her own struggle with Asthma?

It is struggle time for everyone, pretty much, on D3: the new members of the St.Loius dance team have brought with them some new moves, but also some not-so-palatable attitude problems. For new team members, they’re too caught up in their individual styles and rigidity and no matter how hard Rey and Swayam try, there’s a line they can’t seem to breach to make them all one unit. Monday ended on the two of them hitting on the solution, Sharon as Captain, but it comes with more complications than even they could consider.

V Dil Dostii Dance - V Dil Dostii Dance 466 - Star Player Your favourite Star TV shows online8Sharon’s struggle with Asthma continues as she stands to lose the two things closest to her heart, but the Universe seems intent on throwing her right back into the centre of them both: her passion for Dance, and her feelings for Swayam. Some hilarious dramatizing by the entire gang to get her to agree for the captaincy culminates in the new team members making some not-very-pleasant statements that prod the friend in her to action. Captaincy accepted, she gives the dance team exactly what it needs: a no-nonsense, work-to-prove-yourself-as-a-team atmosphere, and it seems to work like magic by the end of the week.

V Dil Dostii Dance - V Dil Dostii Dance 467 - Star Player Your favourite Star TV shows online16What one loved most about this week of D3 is what a complete package of entertainment it was: there was the entire gang envying the new dance team and yet still doing what they could to help their friends out. At the same time, a few montage sequences brought out very effectively the dilemma they’re all struggling with: do they really want to let Dance go? On the Dil side there were Rey-Taani with their cute happy-couple moments galore, although one missed Swayam-Sharon being seen together considering how precariously their equation stands on edge right now. And of course, there was the third and most important element that made this week shine out even more: Dance! Special mention to Vrushika Mehta for playing Sharon in a manner that makes her seem so familiar and feel like the very same Sharon one has known and loved for nearly two years: quite an accomplishment for a new face stepping into old shoes! Round of applause to the team working behind her as well: job well done.

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Nandini Tripathy



And so one awaits India Fest with a happy anticipation, also because the old dance team might just overcome their dilemma to take St. Louis to a new high in Goa! In the meantime, Monday promises to be a good episode for Swayam-Sharon as well. Let’s see what lies ahead for their Dil, and the entire gang’s Dosti as well as Dance!

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