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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:21

Suvreen Guggal demonstrates after effects of Eve-Teasing in a heart touching tale!

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Taking the responsibility of telling the audience a story with a message in it, Suvreen Guggal-Topper of the Year on Channel V has incorporated a track where issues like eve-teasing, molestation, assault and the flawed system have been highlighted.

suvreen 2As the main protagonist Yuvraj ventures out to have dinner with his friend Alisha, he spots Suvreens sister Jasleen who has come there with her friend without telling her parents. As he warns her and brings her out a couple of boys start teasing her and she retaliates. As Yuvraj tries to guard her and Alisha, he gets stabbed. Despite frantically running around for help no one turns up to their rescue. People either hesitate because they dont want their name to get dragged into a police case,or they have come out without the permission of their parents themselves. Worse are the state of affairs at the hospital, where the doctor post the routine first-aid refuses to even admit the bleeding patient before the police arrives and registers a case. It is the timely use of influence by their Professor Rehan Charles that sets things rolling eventually.

suvreen 5As Yuvraj is put on life support, both Jasleen and Alisha go into shock as they are still reeling in the after effects of the incident. Told in an extremely engaging, emotional manner the episodes bring to light the current of affairs in case of any public attack. The intelligence of this track comes from the fact that the story has the main protagonists playing the victims, thus making it even more relatable for the audience. You connect with the pain of a loved one and hence would never want that to happen anyone we know.

The gory incident in Delhi last month, for sure has shaken the nation and has given rise to many pro-active steps being taken in various political, social walks of our lives. TV shows reach out to our homes 4 days a week thus making it the most impactful medium to make a point conveyed.

suvreen 1Suvreen now takes a stand in the days forward to fight for her friends after learning that the police officer on duty refuses to register a complaint since there is no tangible proof of a rape or assault. Her friends will take to the roads and stage a strike to get their point conveyed and will even be put behind bars for the same. This however will not deter their resolve as they will ensure that justice is done to their friends and the wrong-doers are punished.

Sony TV's Kya Hua Tera Wada also recently brought in an eve-teasing track where Mona, takes her own son to the police station to get him arrested after learning he was caught with a bunch of his friends teasing a friend at night.

Way to go Indian Television! Here is what we call entertainment wrapped with enlightenment! Three Cheers!

Writted by: Niharika Vidya Sagar

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Niharika Vidya Sagar

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