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Thursday, 19 July 2012 11:18

Transition From Reel Life To Real Life

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Quite often we get influenced by the people we love and look up to! And if they happen to be TV characters then the impact is much more on us. We can see their habits, their body language, the way they speak influencing us and our lives.Their positivity, hope, never-dying sprit gives us encouragement in our lives when we are going through rough patches in life


We get inspired and sometimes that is all we need when things are not going the way we want to. Geet, Dil Mil Gaye, D3, Suvreen Gugaal, Bade Acche Lagte Hai, Uttaran, and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Khuch Kaha are just few shows out of many that have inspired us. How does that happen? Well here are what few people have to say about the how shows have affected them and what their impact has been.

Sunny on Geet

Geet’s courage and her take on life inspires me. The way she stood for herself is something I take from the show. She was portrayed as a strong character who fought for her and her baby’s safety - even to the point of fighting with her family. She went from being a naïve village girl to strong and independent woman.

Ruch on Dil Mil Gaye

The friendship of Arman, Atul, Rahul, Anjali, Muskan and Ridhhima was amazing. No matter how much they fought, annoyed, teased and irriated one another at the end of the day they had each other’s back. It reminded me of my college days and because of it I decided to relive those memories with my friends

Tia on Suvreen Guggal

 Her stand on always taking the right path, fighting for justice, and standing up for her friends is what I love about the show- besides Yuvraj ofcourse! One habit that I have seemed to have taken up is that I, too, call my friend topper as she topped the class last year.

Sneha B. on D3

I think it's like the dosti aspect of the show that appeals to me…they're always there for each other no matter how much they fight.  Their perseverance to achieve their goals…be it in studies or dance is something that inspires me. And last but not least their passion –their  dance ,absolutely enjoyable

RK on Bade Ache Lagte Hai

What I love about the show is how Priya and Ram try to adjust to their married life. Even though it was a compromise they still tried their best to make the marriage work. Right now the show is completely on a different track but this was one of the few things that I love about the show. And thanks to the show my friends have started to call me fatty now.

Anita on Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha

The fighting spirit of Megha reminds me of myself during my college days. Her persistence, and stubbornness reminds me of the younger me. After watching her, I have realized how much I have change. Somehow it’s nice to remember those carefree days

Tia on Uttran

The simplicity and determination is what I take out from this show. No matter what life throws at you,one  keeps on fighting. But at the same time make sure you don’t hurt anyone in the process. Also try to live as simple life as possible if you want to have a drama-free life.

There are more quirks and nuances we pick from our favourite lead. I for one heard some one saying “What the…”  and that  very minute I burst out laughing as I was reminded  of the great all mighty Arnav Singh Raizada.

So many  habits and qualities we imbibe from the reel life characters that without knowing we end up  inculcating them in our real life. I am sure there are other shows and characters that have inspired you readers as well, so please  share with us at It would be a pleasure to know which character is close to your heart

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Sneha Kothari

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